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Best Football Gloves For Receivers and Linemen in 2021

Anyone who’s ever played football have experienced at some point the frustration of trying to catch a ball with sweaty hands.

That’s why it is important to choose carefully the right type of football gloves that will fit your position in the field.

This guide here covers it all.

We review below the best football gloves for both wide receivers and linemen.

Best Football Gloves For Receivers and Running Backs

1. Grip Boost Stealth Pro Elite Men’s Football Gloves

These gloves have what could easily be one of the tackiest palms in the market, in all weather conditions.

The receiver gloves feature a proprietary formula grip boost made from crab shell.

The unique layer, made with advanced suspended polymerization technology, provides a very sticky grip that doesn’t fade.

Besides that, the glove is very lightweight. The thin material basically feels like a second skin and is very comfortable to wear with no bulk or stiffness.

Moisture-wicking ventilation has been included as well, and this the breathability of the glove. The player gets to remain comfortably cool and dry even when using the glove on a scorching summer afternoon.

The compression material at the back of the hand conforms to the contour of the player’s hand for flexibility and unrestricted movement.

The custom fit of the glove is further enhanced by the large gusset also located at the back of the hand.

  • Very tacky grip.
  • Very lightweight and comfortable.
  • It offers a flexible, customized fit.
  • Cheaper than most brands.
  • Have breathable ventilation.
  • The seam stitching is not very strong.

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2. Battle Double Threat Football Gloves

These football gloves come with reinforces stitching at the seams, and the wear points have been strengthened as well.

So, you know that this is a pair of gloves that will not fall apart any time soon.

The UltraTack palm on this glove has been made using Ultra-Stick technology.

The grip is incredibly sticky so the player can catch and control the ball with ease regardless of whether it is sunny, raining or snowing on the match day.

The PerfectFit material of this glove performs just as advertised. It gives a nice snug fit that’s very comfortable against the skin.

The material is also breathable, thereby allowing the player’s hands to stay ventilated for cool and dry comfort.

At the same time, the lightweight material is very flexible and allows for uninhibited mobility of the player’s hands.

This provides responsive performance and enhances the player’s feel of the ball.

  • Ultra-tacky grip.
  • Reinforced seams for durability.
  • Comfortable and flexible material.
  • Velcro closure wrist strap for a secure fit.
  • It comes with a 90-day durability guarantee.
  • The sizing runs small.

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3. EliteTek RG-14 Football Gloves

The first thing you should note is that this glove has been designed to give a very snug fit. So, if you have thicker fingers, then you would need to size up.

With this snug fit, the player hardly feels like they are wearing a glove at all.

This is, in turn, great for their game because the gloves offer fewer distractions and allow for enhanced responsiveness for optimal performance.

Despite the tight fit, ventilation is enhanced by the perforations located at the palm of the glove.

Additionally, the lightweight material is also very breathable for cool comfort. The player’s hands stay moisture-free even after a whole day of football practice.

The GripTech Palm Technology on these receiver gloves provides a fantastic grip for optimal performance in all weather conditions.

Better yet, these gloves are NOCSAE certified, so you know you’re investing in a quality item.

  • NOCSAE certified.
  • It offers a skin-tight fit for ultimate comfort.
  • Lightweight and ventilated.
  • Affordably priced.
  • It comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.
  • The skin-tight fit makes it a little challenging to put on the gloves.

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4. Under Armour Boys F5 Football Gloves

These gloves come in a cool aggressive style with an array of different colors available. This way, you not only get to play incredibly well, but you also get to look good while doing it.

The gloves feature Under Armour’s HeatGear fabric, which wicks sweat has fast drying properties.

The fabric’ moisture-wicking capabilities ensure the player remains comfortably cool and dry throughout the match.

Good football gloves should enhance the player’s skills and not weight them down.

The backhand material of these gloves is incredibly flexible and lightweight for comfort and breathability.

It also features a custom fit closure system, so the glove stays put once worn.

Perforations on the seamless one-piece palm allow for proper airflow and breathability.

The GripTack Technology used in this glove provides maximum grip strength so the player can pull the ball in and hold it tightly without dropping it.

  • Comes in a unique array of colors.
  • Seamless one-piece palm design for comfort and flexibility.
  • Lightweight and breathable.
  • Has moisture-wicking capabilities.
  • Has a custom fit closure system.
  • The sizing runs a little small.

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5. Grip Boost Football Gloves Stealth Pro Elite

The best part about these Grip Boost gloves is that they are super tacky.

You might not find any other gloves in the market having the kind of stickiness that these gloves have.

This unrivaled tackiness is made possible by the unique layer or proprietary formula grip made from crab shells.

The grip layer is attached to the palm of the glove using advanced suspended polymerization technology so that it durably stays in place season after season.

If you notice that your gloves have lost grip after a while, though, then that doesn’t mean it’s time to replace the gloves just yet.

Grip Boost has a football glove grip gel, which you can apply onto the palm of the glove, and voila, the tackiness is restored.

The lightweight material of these gloves ensures a comfortable fit and gives the player a better feel of the ball.

Additionally, the stretchy spandex at the back of the hand is very flexible and gives the player unrestricted hand movement for quick responses.

At the same time, there are silicone overlays for enhanced durability.

  • Full palm, long-lasting tackiness.
  • One-piece palm construction for flexibility.
  • Has mesh in between the fingers for breathability.
  • Soft and lightweight fabric.
  • Snug and secure fit.
  • The tight fit makes it a little challenging to put on the gloves.

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6. Under Armour Men's F5 Football Gloves

This would be the perfect glove for a player who likes standing out while on the field.

The flashy Under Armour F5 football gloves come in an array of vibrant colors, and the eye-catching design will certainly get you noticed.

Featuring UA’s HeatGear fabric technology, these gloves are designed to keep your hands cool during any match or training session.

The material wicks away sweat, and it also has fast during technology to keep you comfortably dry and comfortable.

Besides that, this lightweight material is very breathable and flexible for ultimate comfort.

The glove feels like a second skin, which is just what you’d want in a good quality pair of receiver gloves.

The two-color silicone over-molding on the glove adds support and durability while the one-piece palm constriction allows for flexibility of movement.

The tack on this glove is great, and the custom fit Velcro closure makes it easy to put on and take off the gloves.

  • Stylish design.
  • Lightweight and ventilated.
  • Impressive grip.
  • HeatGear fabric provides cool, dry comfort.
  • Flexible material allows for improved dexterity.
  • Has inferior build quality.

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7. Cutters Gloves REV Pro Receiver Glove

This is one of the best-selling receiver football gloves in the market, and it is all thanks to Cutter’s C-TACK Technology.

C-TACK is a unique performance-enhancing material that provides a permanent tacky grip.

What makes it truly unique when compared to other gloves is the fact that the C-TACK grip does not wear away even after washing the gloves.

The grip is self-restoring, and it performs optimally in all weather conditions, through the seasons.

To make use of the Rev Tack Recharge function the grip, simply wipe the glove with a damp glove and

With this glove, you get an extreme grip.

The C-Tack palm material extends across the entire palm of the glove, including the fingers and the wrist area for increased grip coverage.

The backhand of the glove is constructed using sturdy synthetic leather for durability.

At the same time, this blend of materials is flexible and lightweight, so the glove doesn’t feel bulky when worn.

  • Machine washable.
  • Rechargeable C-TACK grip.
  • Extended grip coverage around the wrists.
  • Flexible and lightweight.
  • Very durable.
  • The gloves are quite stiff at first but become flexible with time.

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Best Football Gloves For Defense/Linemen

1. adidas Scorch Destroyer Full Finger Lineman's Gloves

These adidas gloves have been designed to be super thick, but without restricting finger movement while playing.

The first striking thing you will notice is that this glove comes with an extended wrist band.

The reason behind this is to offer enhanced support and wrist stability while the player is blocking and pass-rushing.

The wide wristband comes with an injection molded rubber tab and a smooth fit closure for a secure, non-binding fit.

A player tag on the inside of the wrist allows you to label your glove so you can always identify it in case of a mix-up.

The stretchable material at the back of the hand is compression spandex.

The fabric allows for breathability of the thick glove and increases flexibility. It also provides lightweight comfort

At the same time, there are strategically placed, 5mm thick padded leather panels for comfort and impact dampening function.

The palm additionally features GripTack for enhanced grip and ball control. There is also a 5mm thick padded synthetic leather panel for support and protection.

  • Durable padded leather panels.
  • GripTack palm for enhanced control.
  • Breathable and flexible backhand.
  • Wide wrist band for added support.
  • Fits true to size.
  • The Velcro strap isn’t firmly attached to the glove.

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2. adidas Youth Techfit Lineman Football Gloves

This adidas glove comes with a grip for enhanced ball control.

This is a feature not found in many linesmen gloves, which gives the adidas Youth Techfit glove a competitive edge.

The backhand of this glove features a unique combination of performance-grade spandex and breathable mesh.

The fabric is then molded into sectional padding, which gives the glove great flexibility and breathability.

This way, despite the thickness of the glove, the player remains comfortable cool and dry throughout the match.

At the same time, the fabric composition provides lightweight comfort, so it doesn’t feel too bulky when worn.

Part of the palm features heavy-duty synthetic leather for rugged protection.

This jam pad is located at the base of the palm, where the player is likely to come in contact with the ground when they happen to fall.

The other section of the palm features GripTack for enhanced tackiness in all weather conditions. A good grip is essential when making tackles.

This way, you can reach for an opponent’s jersey without having them slip out of your grasp.

  • Padded construction in high impact areas of the glove.
  • It is very breathable.
  • Thick yet lightweight material.
  • Has a double-sized, heavy-duty wristband.
  • GripTack palms and fingers.
  • The grip isn’t very strong.

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3. adidas Men’s Freak MAX Lineman Glove

This football glove features plenty of padding, which makes it ideal for the linesmen who need added support and protection.

The thick padding in the back of the hand has been strategically placed in sectional pad zones.

This design allows the player to flex their fingers naturally, while still benefiting for enhanced protection.

The extra padding on this glove allows a player to dominate the trenches without flinching, knowing that they are well prepared to destroy the opponent completely.

The seamless palm of the glove is very flexible, and it additionally comes with adidas’ GripTack technology for enhanced traction.

Just as well, there is an integrated jam pad zone on the palm for reduced impact in the fingers.

The multi-directional compression stretch material at the back of the hand offers maximum performance.

There are also breathable flex notches in between the fingers and at the knuckles for flexibility and increased airflow.

The breathable mesh is present at the back of the hand, as well.

  • Has a seamless GripTack palm.
  • Synthetic leather finger caps for hardwearing performance.
  • Multi-directional stretch fabric at the backhand.
  • Has breathable flex notches.
  • Available in 4X-large, which is quite rare.
  • The stitches are of low quality.

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4. adidas Techfit Lineman Football Half Finger Gloves

Despite not providing full finger coverage, these gloves are well padded on high strike areas, thereby providing adequate support and shock absorption to prevent injuries.

This glove is composed of breathable mesh material and performance grade lycra.

The heavy-duty synthetic leather on the palm is bordered by durable GripTack for enhanced grip in all playing conditions.

The synthetic leather section on the palm featured jam pad material, which provides the player with increased comfort and protection.

Flex-Pad construction strategically placed at the back of the hand helps protect high strike areas but without sacrificing flex and the player’s full range of motion.

The moisture-wicking backhand material of the glove offers ventilation to help cool the hands, especially when the game heats up and intensifies.

The neoprene wristbands are a nice touch, and they help in giving a non-binding custom fit, so the glove stays put throughout the match.

  • Flex-pad construction for shock absorption.
  • GripTech palms for increased traction.
  • Has a breathable backhand fabric.
  • Durable synthetic leather jam pads.
  • Ideal for use by centers.
  • Only available in two glove sizes: small and medium.

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5. Under Armour Men's Combat V Football Gloves

This glove meets NFHS, NCAA, and NOCSAE standards, so it is guaranteed to perform optimally as promised.

Although this is an all-purpose glove, it has been designed particularly for linesmen.

This way, the glove is constructed for durability and hardwearing performances that can stand up to the abuse of linesmen battling it out in the trenches.

The 4-way flex padding on the glove ensures that the player stays adequately protected but without restricting their full range of motion or slowing down their response.

On the other hand, the Armour DuraTack palm features impressive abrasion resistance for rugged performance all season long.

The ArmourMesh construction at the back of the hand is lightweight and breathable.

However, this mesh is also very durable for long-lasting performance of the football glove.

The extra-wide wrist strap has a removable power strap. This makes the glove deal for use by receivers who prefer unrestrained wrist flexibility and movement.

  • All-purpose padded glove.
  • Abrasion-resistant DuraTack palm.
  • Comfortable and lightweight.
  • Removable Power wrist strap.
  • Has pass-blocking pads on the palm for extra protection.
  • Inferior stitching comes undone easily.

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6. Nike Vapor Jet Gloves 4

Nike is a household name in the world of sporting goods.

It, therefore, wouldn’t be fit to end this list without reviewing a pair of Nike football gloves.

This glove features a full-length silicone pal.

This makes the glove incredibly lightweight and enhances its flexibility so players can move their fingers without feeling restrained.

The back of the glove features a flexible mesh construction.

No products found.

This breathable material offers cool comfort even on a hot summer day sop the player can perform optimally without any distractions.

There is mesh material covering the knuckles as well, and this allows for flexible finger movement.

When a player can flex their fingers naturally, they also get to enjoy increased control while playing.

The player can adjust the wide wrist straps to get a customized fit.

This guarantees the player a better range of mobility coupled with the lightweight performance of the elite gloves.

  • Lightweight and breathable.
  • Affordable, yet high-performance gloves.
  • Mesh knuckles offer free finger flexing.
  • Has full-length silicone grip palms.
  • Adjustable wrist closure offers a customized fit.
  • It doesn’t have padding on the palm.

No products found.

7. adidas Men’s Freak 3.0

Style and functionality beautifully come together in this elite glove designed for offensive and defensive linesmen.

Extra thick padding has been strategically placed in spots that are at a higher risk of injury.

These Ironskin protective zones offer long-lasting protection for the player and help enhance the durability of the glove.

4-way stretch fabric located at the back of the hand allows the players to flex their fingers freely and naturally for increased control.

Additionally, this breathable fabric has moisture-wicking properties to eliminate sweat and keep the hands cool and dry.

The tacky GripTack palm further enhances the player’s ball control. This seamless high-gloss material provides a solid grip on the palm and along the fingers as well.

The tacky palm offers impressive traction in all weather conditions so the player can deliver their best performance when on the gridiron.

  • SFIA Certified glove.
  • Has a full-length tacky GripTack palm.
  • Flexible 4-way stretch fabric on the backhand.
  • Durable Ironskin protective zones for durability.
  • Machine washable.
  • The Ironskin starts peeling after a while.

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Do Football Gloves Really Help?

The go-to solution is often to apply baby powder on the hands, but let’s be honest: that never quite helps, now does it?

Hence the need for football gloves.

The primary reason for wearing football gloves is to enhance one’s grip by guarding against slippery when the hands are sweaty or when it’s humid or raining.

Football gloves are specifically designed to be sticky around the palm area to completely eliminate the chances of dropping the ball.

Another reason some players may choose to wear football gloves is to protect their hands.

Some passes may be thrown with a lot of force so much that the ball can cause abrasions and cuts on the hands of the receiving player.

The other kind of protection offered is whereby the gloves protect the player’s hands in the chances that one might accidentally get stepped on.

Imagine a big-bodied player putting their full weight on your bare hand with their studded cleats. How painful do you think that would be?

In football, the game must always go on. Regardless of whether it’s raining or snowing and so some players choose to wear football gloves for weather protection.

After all, no one likes cold, stiff hands where you can barely bend your fingers.

In this case, the gloves would not only prevent slipperiness of the ball, but they will also keep the player’s hands pleasantly warm and dry.

So, what do you think: do football gloves really help?

Of course, they do, and in more ways than one.

Better yet, gloves come designed explicitly for particular player positions so that you can stay protected but without the gloves interfering with your performance.

How Tight Should Football Gloves Be?

When the football gloves are too loose, they will slip off your hands, therefore, nullifying any sort of grip enhancement.

A loose-fitting glove would additionally result in fumbling, which can even result in injuries.

When the gloves are tight, they can restrict blood flow, thereby causing numbness in your hands.

There’s nothing you can do with numb hands, and what’s a football player without his catching ability?

The poor circulation caused by tight gloves can further result in more severe conditions, including tissue damage resulting from ischemia.

So, what’s the perfect fit for a football glove?

A football glove should fit snug, but not tight. The general rule is this: if you cannot make a fist while wearing the glove, then that glove is too small for you.

Receiver Vs. Linemen: Gloves Depending on The Position

Receiver Gloves

Receivers are tasked with the role of catching passes and holding on to the ball without dropping it or fumbling during passes.

For this reason, receiver gloves come with a variety of features to help them perform optimally.

These features are:

  • Lightweight construction from a thin, breathable material to allow for movement and flexibility.
  • Enhanced palm grip offered by super sticky palms, also known as football magnets.
  • Extended tack around the thumb and fingers for extra grip in all weather conditions.
  • Light padding on the backhand to aid with shock absorption and offer protection from impact.

Receiver gloves are ideal for use by receivers, running backs, quarterbacks, defensive backs, tight ends, and players who field kick-offs and punts.

The gloves give them a better grip and control of the ball.

Linemen Gloves

Linemen take the hardest, most vicious hits on the gridiron.

As a result, their gloves are designed with this in mind to guard against abrasion, damage, and hyperextension of the hands and fingers during a game.

Such gloves feature:

  • Heavier construction from a thick and firm material to better withstand more abuse and offer enhanced cushioning.
  • Rigid frame and finger stays to prevent fingers from bending back.
  • Thicker wrist straps for wrist support, increased stability, and to limit the range of mobility.
  • Heavy padding on the palm and backhand to shield against hits and getting stepped on.
  • Zero to little tackiness in the palm.

Half-finger linemen gloves are ideal for use by centers. The half-finger design helps give them a better feel of the ball.

How Do I Choose A Football Glove?


Finding the correct glove size requires you first take your hand measurements with precision and accuracy. Start by taking measurements of your dominant hand.

Measure from the bottom of your palm to the tip of your longest finger, which is the middle finger.

If this measurement is below 7 inches, go for a youth football glove. If this measurement is above 7 inches, go for an adult football glove.

Football gloves come in a variety of sizes, starting from small to XXX-large. Youth size gloves range from 6.25 to 7 inches while adult size gloves range from 7 to 8.5 inches.

Another measurement you’d want to pay attention to is the circumference of your dominant hand taken around your knuckles.

A player with thinner fingers may want to size down while one with thicker fingers may be better off sizing up to get a snug fit.

If you find that your hand measurements are on the borderline between two sizes, then the safe bet is always to go for the larger glove.

If the material the glove is made from tends to shrink when washed, then you will find that the larger size fits perfectly after a couple of washes.


When wearing football gloves, airflow is a crucial aspect to take into consideration.

This is because even while wearing tacky gloves, sweaty palms could still get in the way of you catching a pass because of the discomfort resulting from the moisture.

To eliminate such discomfort and distractions, guaranteeing that all your attention is on the ball, football gloves come with specific features to dump hot air in the hands and improve airflow.

A glove may make use of mesh between the fingers, perforations along the fingers, or breathable material along the back of the hand.

Whichever method used, the idea is to allow for ventilation, thereby keeping the player’s hands pleasantly dry and cool throughout the game.


Different football gloves have varying degrees of padding depending on the skill position for which the glove is intended.

Rigid padding in the palm and backhand of linemen gloves helps soften impacts and better protect the hand from the rigors of the game.

On the other hand, receiver gloves make use of lightweight, minimal padding in the backhand for flexibility.

In both cases, the padding is incorporated to offer protection and shock absorption properties.

However, receiver gloves prioritize movement and flexibility while linemen gloves prioritize protection.

Increased padding means better insulation against the cold and better protection from impact as well.

The trade-off is that with thicker padding, the player’s reaction time is affected, seeing as they would require a stronger squeeze of the hand to retract those muscles.


You’ll find football gloves in a vast range of pricing. When it comes to price, your decision should be based on your age, skill level, and frequency of use.

A frequent player may be more serious about improving their skills.

In this case, they would be willing to invest in a quality pair of gloves that will enhance their performance and sever them for a long time before needing to replace the gloves.

However, even when you are looking to invest in a quality pair of gloves, keep in mind that football gloves undergo a lot of abuse on the field.

As a result, even the most expensive gloves won’t last you too many games, so it would not be wise to go for something ridiculously expensive.

Perhaps you are better off going with your instincts on this one. Understand what you are looking for in a glove and pay for the quality you need.

All the while keeping in mind that eventually, even this pair will need to be replaced.

When buying football gloves for a child, consider that they will outgrow the gloves in a matter of time, so maybe you’d want to get an inexpensive pair in this case.

Additionally, the skill position of the glove will have an impact on its price point. Generally, linemen gloves are more expensive than receiver gloves.

This is because the former incorporates more components, while the latter is a bit more minimalistic.


An excellent football glove is one that’s made from high-quality material and can perform in all weather conditions.

Besides that, a quality glove is one that has a soft and stretchable material coupled with seamless construction or having reinforced seams for durability.

If you can afford to, then, by all means, consider going for a leather football glove.

Leather is quite expensive, but rest assured you will get value for your money. It is not only durable but because it is a natural material, leather gloves offer excellent breathability.

At the same time, leather is pretty flexible and so will not hamper your movement and flexibility.

Spandex is another material commonly used in football gloves.

This material is cheaper than leather, lightweight, and very stretchable for optimum flexibility and movement that will not interfere with your grip.

The palm material is another thing to consider because this is what determines the grip of the glove. Popularly, latex, and Cabatta leather are the materials commonly used on the palm of the glove.

Cabatta leather is an incredibly soft, lightweight, and durable material. It often comes treated with chemicals to increase tackiness for an enhanced grip.

Latex is not as durable as Cabatta leather, but it is flexible and provides natural tackiness. Latex also gives a better glove fit. The one drawback is that as a palm material, latex can slip during wet weather.


You don’t want a pair of gloves that will fall apart before the season is over.

When it comes to durability, perhaps stick with the top brands that have been tested and proven to have quality items.

Besides, top brands often have a reputation to maintain and so cannot afford to have their name tarnished by manufacturing an inferior quality glove.

Alternatively, look out for gloves that come with a warranty. This way, you know that you would simply get your money back if the glove doesn’t last through the season.

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