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Best Football Helmets In 2021: The Complete Guide

Being a sportsperson isn’t easy, and when one is interested in football, he/she is always at risk of head injuries.

When in the football field, you cannot stay in there without a helmet for 60 minutes and expect zero injuries.

One hit of the football on your head, and you can develop concussion. Every football player has to live under this threat while in the field.

However, using the football helmet can save the players from the scary reality.

These helmets can reduce the effects of ball hits and ensure that you remain safe from concussions and other injuries.

In this article, we have added the top-notch helmets from top brands for the people who want to indulge in safe playing!

Best For Youth
Schutt Sports Vengeance A3 Youth Football Helmet (Facemask NOT Included), Maroon, Small
Schutt Vengeance A3
N° Reviews
98 Reviews
Average Rating
Best For Youth
Schutt Sports Vengeance A3 Youth Football Helmet (Facemask NOT Included), Maroon, Small
Schutt Vengeance A3
N° Reviews
98 Reviews
Average Rating

Best Football Helmets For Adult Players

1. Schutt Air XP Pro Adult Football Helmet

Every football player needs a helmet to save his head from concussions and injuries, and with Schutt, everything is promised.

This company has coined its name in the market, and this helmet is a perfect package for any adult football player.

This helmet is integrated with advanced technology without compromising on the classical standoff shell.

The protection might be modern, but the look is all classic. There is a single layer dual compression TPU adhered into the helmet.

This TPU is complied with a ribbed system to ensure optimal absorption while being lightweight.

Also, the inner helmet is designed with SUREFIT TPU Air liner that creates a pillow-like feel to the helmet. In addition, there is no compromise on durability and fitting.

There is a ROPO-DW facemask that doesn’t shine out the vision, and upfront protection is promised as well.

The TPU cushions ensure the optimal airflow while the outer skin is added to enhance comfort. So, a perfect blend of comfort and protection!

  • Attached facemask
  • Single-layer dual compression TPU
  • Ribbed system
  • Effective absorption
  • SUREFIT TPU Air line
  • Comfort
  • Allows airflow
  • The earlobe is pressed and can be irritating

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2. Riddell SpeedFlex Adult Football Helmet

If you are known to football and its market, you would know that this helmet has hit the market hard, and everyone is raving about the SpeedFlex.

The prime reason for its market saturation lies in the helmet’s integration with comfort and durability.

There is a patented flex system in this helmet that ensures the reduction of collision impact.

This feature was added after Riddell conducted research that revealed over two million points about the football game impact.

No products found.

This helmet weighs less than five pounds, and the football players have been choosing this helmet over anything else.

This helmet has enough breathability and airflow to ensure you can play on summer days without making your exhausted and heated up.

The cover is made of polycarbonate material given the varsity helmet as it ensures top-notch protection.

In addition, there is a facemask integrated with a patented flex system to ensure the optimal safety of players while playing.

  • The shell is made from polycarbonate material
  • Maximum protection
  • Patented impact protection is integrated into facemask, shell, and clip
  • Multiple size and colors are available
  • Weighs only five pounds
  • Polycarbonate material
  • Enhanced protection
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Expensive
  • Higher delivery time

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3. Schutt Sports Varsity AiR XP Pro VTD II Football Helmet

This is one of the top brands in the markets, and when it comes to varsity helmet, the name of this product speaks volumes.

The name of the product might be long, but the features list is even longer. The helmet is designed with a classic standoff shell.

On the other hand, there is single construction TPU to integrate new interlink jaw pads. This integration ensures higher stability.

There is a SUREFIT Air liner, which is inflatable. Also, there is a patented twist quick release added to the faceguard.

The TPU cushioning ensures the highest standards of impact absorption irrespective of temperature.

There are fast curves on the outside that look classic and ensure lightweight configuration. In addition, there is a hard cup chin strap to keep the helmet in place.

  • Classic standoff shell
  • Single construction TPU
  • Interlink jaw pads
  • Higher stability
  • SUREFIT Air liner
  • Patented twist quick release
  • Higher absorption
  • Fast curves
  • Hard cup chinstrap
  • The stickers leave residues that are impossible to take off

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4. Riddell NCAA Revolution Speed Pro-Line Helmet

If there are any reviews of best football helmets and this brand’s helmets aren’t included, the list is never complete.

This helmet has been named as the top-rated football helmet in the market that’s flooded with helmets.

This helmet has been designed to ensure perfect balance, and it won’t move around or irritate you during the game.

In addition, the crash or collision impact will be reduced with the implication of advanced technology.

In other words, it ensures a zero impact on the health of the player.

The impact is distributed in different directions to ensure the safety of the player.

This helmet will perfectly fit the large heads as it can fit the hat size ranging from 7 to 7.2.

  • Affordable
  • Perfect balance
  • Zero collision-to-collision impact
  • Impact distribution
  • Fits large hat sizes ranging from 7 to 7.2
  • Enhanced protection
  • Comfortable
  • Chinstrap options are limited
  • Facemasks are limited

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5. Schutt Sports Vengeance VTD II Football Helmet

If you are a football player who loves to enjoy his time in the football court, you might as well start with this helmet.

This has to be one of the best football helmets in the market. There are advanced features to ensure optimal protection.

The protection is the ultimate success factor of this helmet.

This helmet is designed with dual compression technology, and a single layer that offers an extra layer of protection, and the impact of collision and hits will be reduced.

There are air vents in the helmet to ensure players remain cool during intense gaming sessions. In addition, there are facemask attachments to ensure you can add a facemask separately.

The dual compression technology is designed with durometers that save the head from shock and impact.

There are single-layer pads in the helmet that offer a comfortable and lightweight fit.

All in all, the facemask attachments are easy and quick to use, efficient removal, and installation of facemasks!

  • Extra protection
  • Facemask attachments are available
  • Air vents for breathability
  • Comfortable
  • Multiple colors
  • Comfortable
  • Non-metallic
  • There is no in-built facemask

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Best Football Helmets For Youth Players

1. Schutt Sports Vengeance A3 Youth Football Helmet

With increasing awareness about health benefits adhered to playing sports daily, the majority of parents are encouraging their kids to take part in sports.

Well, with this notion, the number of youth football players is increasing. This means that more and more youth players are looking for helmets.

This helmet is designed with advanced technology, and it will have a positive impact on performance. This helmet has undergone multiple testing to ensure safety and protection.

With the integration of high-quality materials, this helmet has been designed to improve the outlook and utilization.

The helmet is pretty lightweight with enhanced passing, which makes it more acceptable for the younger players.

The helmet has been designed with TPU along with single and double layers to ensure the highest standards of protection.

This helmet will protect the players from the high impacts of football hit. In addition, there are non-inflatable liners that provide a pillow feel to ensure comfort.

Also, there are interlink jaw pads designed curated in a low profile shell.

  • Lightweight
  • TPU shell
  • Enhanced protection
  • Affordable
  • Non-inflatable liners to ensure comfort
  • Multiple color options are available
  • There is no facemask

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2. Rawlings Momentum Plus Youth Football Helmet

This might be the lesser-known brand, but with this helmet, they have truly cranked up the notch.

With this helmet, the safety of players will be ensured, and the impact will be reduced in case of injuries and head-to-head collision.

This helmet has been designed to ensure a customized fit for different head sizes as there are special fittings available.

There is a rear inflation port which ensures optimal fit of the helmet, and this speaks tons about the safety.

The helmet is designed with heat exchange technology that is about integrating vents into the helmet.

These vents optimize the airflow to ensure cooled experience during intense training or playing session.

Also, there are C3 customizable inflation liners in addition to the rear inflation port that ensures a customized fit.

  • Zero impact in case of injuries
  • Customized head fit
  • Heat exchange technology that comes with air vents
  • C3 customizable inflation liner
  • Rear inflation port to ensure an optimal fit
  • No chinstrap and facemask

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3. Schutt Sports Recruit Hybrid Youth Football Helmet

Ever since we have started talking about the football helmets for youth players, we have seen the high reputation of Schutt.

All their helmets are designed to offer utmost protection, and this helmet has been designed to raise above all the helmets that they have produced.

There are advanced features in this helmet, and higher-tech cushioning has been used in gear.

The cushioning will reduce the impact of injuries and collisions.

In addition, the padding is designed to offer a much more comfortable fit.

There are some traditional features in the helmet, but that doesn’t impact the performance.

There are optimal safety and comfort features integrated into this helmet, which makes it suitable for every young football player!

  • Enhanced protection
  • Perfect cushioning to ensure zero impact of collisions and injuries
  • Comfortable fit with padding
  • None

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Different Types of Football Helmets

There are two significant types of football helmets inclusive of;

  • Adult Helmets – These helmets are designed with strong and sturdy materials such as polycarbonate but ensure lightweight. Also, they are curated with essential strength to keep the players safe from hits.
  • Youth Helmets – These helmets are designed with ABS plastic to ensure lightweight and durability. These helmets ensure optimal weight distribution to ensure zero harm to the head and neck of young players

How to Choose The Best Football helmet to Prevent Concussions

Buying the right helmet that’s integrated with essential features demands thorough research. Be it material or protection; every feature needs to be taken into account.

In this section, we have added all the features that are essential for optimizing the playing experience. So, have a look!


While choosing the football helmet, see if it has a facemask because most top brands have integrated it as essential.

However, some brands offer the facemask for a separate price, which means it’s an additional investment. It is better to look for a helmet that comes with a built-in facemask so that it fits well.


If the helmet doesn’t fit perfectly, the support and protection will be jeopardized, which means finding and wearing the right size is essential.

When you are ordering online, you will have to choose from a list of measurements, and different sizes will need to be considered.

It is better to measure the head size because that’s where the helmet sits, right?

Adult Helmet or Youth Helmet

The market is flooding with different types of helmets; for young and adult players.

For instance, the youth helmets are smaller in size, but the features are somehow the same. However, the material might change.

It is essential to choose the right size of the helmet according to your age because it needs to fit perfectly.

Also, if you are an adult with a smaller head, the large youth helmet might fit you. So, all you need to think about is the size and fit while choosing from the types.


This might not look like a lethal factor to consider, but when you are playing as a team in the court, you need to look alike and become recognizable by the team members.

So, make sure you are twinning with your game buddies in terms of color. Multiple colors are readily available on different brands.


By material, we mean the exterior material of the helmet, and it’s essential for obvious reasons. One, it will save the player from injuries and provide protection.

In addition, the material will also depict if the helmet will be lightweight or heavy on the head.


The hard plastic on the insides will be hard on the head, which is the prime reason people add padding to the helmet.

The soft padding on the interior will absorb shock, which reduces the shock on the head. In addition, the impact will decrease, as well.

Last but not least, inner paddings will make the helmet comfortable to wear.


Yes, we are talking about the chin strap because that’s the only thing that will keep the helmet in place.

The chin strap is made of buckle or a Velcro that can be easily fastened up. So, make sure you are considering this factor while buying a helmet for your next football game!

Heat Vents

The football games can be exhausting, and training sessions will be even more hectic. The modern football helmets come with heat vents as that helps in keeping the players cool during the game.

If you get a helmet with heat vents, you can play on a hot summer day without worrying about the scorching heat.


Whenever you step into the market, you will see a wide range of football helmets, and some will be sold as replicas in the name of top and trusted brands.

The replicas are usually designed like the helmets of top players with ornaments and decorations. In other words, it can be complicated to differentiate between the authentic or replica helmet.

So, make sure to read all the details and information on the box to be sure.

FAQs About The Best Football Helmets

This is the section where we are answering the most frequently asked questions about football helmets. So, have a look!

What Are Football Helmets Made Of?

Most football helmets are made of molded polycarbonate topped with internal foam padding. The padding is usually made from ethylene vinyl acetate, polyurethane, polypropylene, and polystyrene. The polycarbonate is used in the external shell.

This is because this plastic is integrated with a high-impact resistant polymer. It can be painted and molded to ensure an attractive outlook.

In addition, the plastic remains intact with the weather, and if you are a player from colder regions, the weather-resistant features are optimal.

How Tight Should A Football Helmet Be?

There needs to be zero air pockets or space in the pads, and there needs to be zero snugging. In addition, the athlete’s head needs to be comfortable.

Make sure that the helmet doesn’t slide on the head, and that’s where the chin strap will help. Besides, if the chin strap is there and you are still able to take the helmet off, the fit is obviously too loose.

How Do You Measure Your Head For A Football Helmet?

Whenever you are looking for a football helmet, you need to be sure of head measurement. So, if you want to ensure a perfectly fitted helmet, you need to have the right head measurements.

In the bullets below, we have all the steps that will help you measure your head size. Have a look!

  • Take a flexible tape measure and wrap it around the head
  • Wrap it around the head an inch above the eyebrow
  • Use the football helmet size chart and choose the size based on measurement (it is better to use the Schutt football helmet size chart)

What Is The Difference Between Youth And Varsity Football Helmets?

The youth helmets are designed for football players who are fourteen years or younger. On the other hand, varsity helmets are fine for football players aged above fourteen years old.

In addition, there is a difference between the material of the helmet as well.

The youth helmets are made with ABS, while the varsity helmets are made of polycarbonate. Both materials ensure sturdiness, comfort, and durability.

What Is The Safest Football Helmet?

Everything that ensures a comfortable fit and a sturdy experience, it is safe. If you opt for an NFL football helmet, it will be safe.

Our personal choice is Vicis Zero1 because it’s not only branded but ensures resistance to football hit impacts.

How Much Does A Real NFL Helmet Cost?

The prices vary when the brands are different. The top brands include Vicis, Riddell, Xenith, and Schutt, and their price depends upon the reviews of NFL players.

However, the NFL helmets are usually around $300.

The Zero1 is around $950, and there are multiple other options as well.

Last but not least, the customized helmets will be around $1,500, but if you want safety, you need to pay some money.


Helmets are an integral part of your football attire and once must never step into the court without one.

In this article, we have tried to put forward top football helmets along with essential factors to consider while choosing the helmet.

So, just prioritize your preferences and find the right choice for your football game!

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