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Best Football Mouthguards In 2021: Buying Guide

For such a small piece of sporting gear, it sure is confusing trying to find the right type of mouthguard.

Most people only end up realizing that they bought the wrong one long after the purchase, once they have tried it on and just like that, its money down the drain.

Is there a way to know which mouthguard will be right for you before trying it on? Yes, there is.

Read on, and you’ll find out what are the best football mouthguards to buy in 2021.

Best Football Mouthguards Reviewed

1. Vettex Adult Football Mouthguard

This mouthguard by Vettex is a strapped instant custom-fit mouthguard.

It is made from pliable Thermo rubber and features double impressions for a customized fit.

The material is also very strong and durable, yet extremely comfortable.

In addition to protecting your teeth and gums, this mouthpiece protects your lips, as well.

Furthermore, this mouthguard has breathing holes that maximize oxygen intake.

This ensures that the player isn’t struggling to breathe during the match.

  • Offers both teeth and lips protection
  • Has breathing holes
  • Very durable
  • Pliable rubber provides maximum comfort
  • The lip guard feature inhibits speech

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2. Shock Doctor Pro Mouthguard

This Shock Doctor mouthguard is a convertible boil-and-bite mouthguard.

The frame of the mouthguard features multi-layer construction.

One of the layers is a shock-absorbing bumper, which helps to deflect the impact of a hit away from the teeth.

The shock bumper makes this mouthguard very efficient when it comes to protecting the player, out-performing many other mouthguards in the market.

Additionally, the dual composite construction of this mouthguard features a design that is compatible with braces.

  • Has a shock-absorbing frame for maximum protection
  • Compatible with braces
  • Durable multi-layer construction
  • Comes with a $10,000 dental warranty
  • Doesn’t offer lip protection

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3. SISU Max Mouthguard

The SISU Max mouthguard is a strapless, boil-and-bite mouthguard.

Having a thickness of 2.4mm, this mouthguard has a much slimmer profile than the conventional pieces you will find in the market.

It is made from an extremely strong thermoplastic material that has a very high tensile strength.

With the SISU Max, you know you’re investing in durable teeth protection.

The slim profile and the custom fit of the mouthguard mean that it is ultra-comfortable.

At the same time, these features ensure that the player can effortlessly breathe, speak, and drink while wearing the mouthpiece.

  • Slim and lightweight design
  • Extremely strong
  • Compatible with braces
  • Comes with a $35,000 dental warranty
  • It takes a little longer to mold it to the perfect fit

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4. Under Armour ArmourFit Mouthguard

This mouthguard features a strapless, boil-and-bite design.

The ArmourFit Technology used on this mouthguard provides a dentist-like fit for superior comfort and protection.

The mouthguard is made from a hydrophobic material.

The nature of the material means that it does not absorb water, and so this mouthguard won’t end up deteriorating.

Better yet, this mouthpiece is chew-resistant.

Meaning no matter how many times you chew on it, you don’t risk damaging the mouthguard.

  • Made from a hydrophobic, chew-resistant material
  • It is easy to mold
  • Doesn’t inhibit speech
  • Comes with a $32,000 dental warranty
  • Might be too big for some players

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5. Battle Oxygen Lip Protector Mouthguard

The Battle Oxygen Lip Protector Mouthguard is available in over a dozen colors.

You won’t have any difficulty matching the mouthpiece to your team uniform.

This is a convertible, ready-made mouthguard that’s conveniently easy to use.

This mouthguard comes with a very large breathing hole.

In fact, it just might be the only mouthguard in the market with such a large breathing hole.

Oxygen intake is maximized.

Therefore, a player can better uphold their stamina and performance on the field.

Better yet, the mouthguard can be used with braces and offers lip protection as well.

  • Has a large breathing hole
  • Offers both teeth and lip protection
  • Compatible with braces
  • Comes with a $5,000 dental warranty
  • Doesn’t offer a custom fit

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6. Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouthguard

The Shock Doctor Gel Max is a convertible, boil-and-bite mouthguard.

The mouthguard is constructed from heavy-duty silicone.

The triple-layer construction guarantees the durability of the mouthguard and enhances the protection offered.

The heavy-duty exoskeletal Shock Frame is capable of withstanding the hardest impacts when a player is down in the trenches.

Additionally, the Gel-Fit Liner Technology used ensures that the silicone molds to the player’s mouth structure, thereby giving a comfortable fit.

  • Small size ideal for kids
  • Easy to fit
  • Has integrated breathing channels
  • Extremely durable
  • The sizing runs small

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7. Battle Oxygen Predator Football Mouthguard

It’s almost impossible to look tough while wearing a mouthguard that offers lip protection, but this Battle Oxygen mouthguard is the exception.

The lip guard has animalistic teeth-like graphics that ensure the player looks tenacious while on the field.

This is a convertible instant custom-fit mouthguard.

This mouthguard uses patented SCUBA Air Channel design, which delivers superior airflow for enhanced performance.

Good airflow maximizes breathability, which means that the player can think more clearly, enjoy faster muscle recovery, and have faster response times.

  • Features an advanced airflow system
  • Offers both teeth and lip protection
  • Compatible with braces
  • Comes with a $5,000 dental warranty
  • Has a plastic taste initially

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8. Shock Doctor GelMax Flavor Fusion Mouth Guard

This flavored mouthguard provides the option between lemon-lime, orange, and bubble-gum.

Having an Exoskeletal Shock Frame, this mouthguard provides impressive high impact shock absorption for better protection of the player’s gums, jaws, and teeth.

At the same time, the triple-layer design guarantees the durability of the mouthguard,

Integrated breathing channels make it easy for the user to breathe while wearing the mouthguard.

Which means that the mouthpiece doesn’t interfere with your stamina.

  • It is flavored
  • Extremely durable
  • Has integrated breathing channels
  • Designed for younger players below 10 years of age
  • Doesn’t come with a storage case

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9. Shock Doctor Max Airflow Mouth Guard

The Shock Doctor Max Airflow Mouthguard comes in a variety of cool colors and graphics ideal for players to showcase their individuality and personality.

Besides just looking cool, this mouthguard is made using flexible, patented polymers.

This, in conjunction with the integral bite pads, guarantee maximum comfort combined with an easy no-mold fit.

On the other hand, the outer frame of the mouthpiece has been reinforced for strength and durability.

The maximum airflow breathing channels ensure an unrivaled oxygen supply.

So the player never gets winded because of the mouthguard.

  • Wide variety of cool graphics and colors to choose from
  • Has integral bite pads for added comfort
  • Compatible with braces
  • Comes with a $10,000 dental warranty
  • Too big for very young players.

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10. Battle Oxygen Predator Football Mouthguard

This mouthguard has a cool set of fangs on it, which can come in handy if you need that extra confidence boost while on the field.

You don’t need to boil the mouthguard to get a custom fit for your mouth structure.

It is designed using advanced composite materials, so you simply bite down on the piece, and you are all set.

At the same time, this mouthpiece has been expertly designed to offer maximum breathability so a player won’t get winded.

Additionally, and neither will they need to constantly take the mouthguard off in a bid to catch a few whiffs of air.

  • Offers a custom fit without needing to boil it
  • Tough and durable
  • Can be used with braces
  • Comes with a $5,000 dental warranty
  • The removable strap isn’t securely attached to the mouthguard

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What to Look for In A Football Mouth Guard?


There are generally three types of mouthguards you can find in the market: ready-made mouthguards, custom-fit mouthguards, and mouth-adapted mouthguards.

Ready-made mouthguards, also known as instant fit mouthguards come ready to use right out of the box.

They don’t need to be altered to fit your mouth. So, as you can imagine, ready-made mouthguards might not offer the best comfort, and they might not fit very securely.

Custom-fit mouthguards need to be molded to your mouth and teeth. This is done by a dental professional.

These kinds of mouthguards are quite expensive, but they fit exceptionally well and are very comfortable.

Mouth-adapted mouthguards are also known as boil-and-bite mouthguards, and they are by far the most popular in the market.

Mouth-adapted mouthguards are designed to provide an adaptable fit specific to a particular user. So how is this achieved? The mouthguards have an inner layer that softens when put in hot water.

After softening, the user then places the mouthguard over their gums and teeth, leaving it to set to the shape of their mouth.

Mouth-adapted mouthguards have the advantage of being less expensive than custom-fit mouthguards.

At the same time, they give a tailored fit and are readily available from sporting goods retailers.

Comfort & Protection

As much as a mouthguard is designed for protection, the comfort offered by the mouthguard is just as important a consideration.

An athlete should never have to choose between the two.

The highest level of moth protection is of no use if you cringe at the very thought of putting it on.

When the guard is comfortable, you should be able to easily speak, breathe, or drink something while wearing the mouthguard.

As far as shielding your mouth and teeth goes, you can get an all-protection mouthguard, which doubles as a lip guard.

These types of mouthguards have a shield designed to cover the outside of your mouth.

Keep in mind that if you hold a vocal position such as a quarterback or any other of the team’s vocal participants, such a mouthguard would not be suitable for you.

This is because the design of the mouthguard would inhibit your ability to speak, seeing as your mouth will be covered entirely.

Strapped Vs. Strapless

If you are constantly losing equipment, then you might opt for a mouthguard design, which allows you to tether it to your helmet.

For this, you may go for a strapped mouthguard or a convertible one. A convertible mouthguard is whereby the strap comes on and off, as desired.

Strapless mouthguards are actually not allowed in certain leagues because then the coach cannot tell whether a player is wearing a mouthguard as required.

Besides, such mouthguards can go missing pretty quickly, especially during play.

Personal Preferences

Did you know that you can get a flavored mouthguard? Well, that seems like an exciting option, doesn’t it?

Some mouthguards may come infused with a fruity flavor to combat the taste of rubber.

The duration and intensity of the flavor may vary depending on the manufacturer, but some flavors may last an entire season.

How Should A Football Mouthguard Fit?

A proper fit has to be secure. You shouldn’t have to clench your teeth to keep the mouthguard in place. Neither should you be able to loosen the mouthguard easily with your tongue.

The point is for the mouthguard to stay securely in place, even if you happen to nudge it a bit during play.

At the same time, one should be able to speak clearly and breathe comfortably while wearing the mouthguard.

If you can’t breathe with ease or hold a conversation while wearing the mouthguard, then it is not the right fit for you.

The amount of coverage provided by the mouthguard is another factor to look into.

Most people have a misguided idea that if a mouthguard is to offer optimal protection, then it should completely cover all your teeth.

This is not the case.

A fitting mouthguard should stop just before your second molar.

Also, the mouthguard should not leave the roots of your teeth exposed and vulnerable; but it should also not completely cover your upper jaw.

The mouthguard ought to cover all your teeth (with the exception of the back molars), and part of your gums.

A proper fit shouldn’t extend too far back or overwhelm your upper jaw. If the mouthguard makes too much contact with your soft palate such that it makes you gag, then that’s an ill fit.

FAQ about Football Mouth Guards

Does the Mouthguard Come with A Strap?

Some mouthguards do come with a strap, while others have a strapless design.

Furthermore, there are mouthguards that have a convertible design whereby you can take the strap off and put it back on as needed.

It’s all about personal preferences, as well as whether your league has specific regulations concerning mouthguards.

Strapped mouthguards are often preferred because they are not easy to misplace, and a coach can readily tell whether a player is wearing one.

However, some players find the strap to be a nuisance, and so they’d instead rather go for a strapless one.

If you are conflicted about whether to go for a strapped or a strapless style, then a convertible mouthguard would be your best option.

How Much Does A Football Mouth Guard Cost?

On average, expect to pay anywhere from $15 to $50 for a good quality boil-and-bite mouthguard.

Of course, the cost could go higher or lower depending on the brand, the style, and the protection offered.

A custom-fit mouthguard can easily cost over $200.

After all, how much is too much money when it comes to such a vital piece of protective equipment?

Floyd Mayweather spends a whopping $25,000 on a single mouthguard, so I guess it all depends on how much you are willing to pay.

Can I Use A Mouthguard Even I Have Braces?

Yes, you can.

Players who wear braces would need to look for a braces-compatible mouthguard.

These are designed to conform to the upper and lower brace brackets, so the mouthguard protects not just your teeth but the braces as well.

Brace-compatible mouthguards can be very comfortable if fitted correctly, and they also prevent lip laceration in case of a collision.

In addition to that, the mouthguard adapts to the wearer’s changing mouth structure. Meaning you wouldn’t have to get a new mouthguard as your teeth adjust over time.

For this, you will find that the guard is made from a soft and flexible silicone material that flexes with your changing mouth structure.

How Do I Clean the Mouthguard?

A football mouthguard should be cleaned well after every use to prevent the growth of bacteria and plaque.

Start off with a soft-bristled toothbrush and a non-abrasive toothpaste. Thoroughly brush the mouthguard and rinse.

Alternatively, you may wash the mouthguard using antibacterial soap then rinse thoroughly after that.

Every once in a week or so, you would need to deep clean and disinfect the mouthguard.

Do this by soaking it in a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution for 10 minutes, at most, or soaking it in a bowl of mouthwash.

Don’t forget to clean the mouthguard case too, as there may be some bacteria built up in there as well.

This video could provide further clarification on how to clean an athletic mouthguard.

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