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Best Footballs For Youth and Adult Players In 2021

If you are from America, you would know that Americans have always been changing the knacks of British football according to their own game.

It’s needless to say that American football is far more superior.

This game has given birth to players who have become legends, created a stream of revenues while adhering the fans to the TV screens because their “favorite team is playing!”

But this game cannot be completed without a perfect football.

Be it the price or quality, a plethora of options are available for people looking for the best football.

In this article, we have kicked in (no pun intended!) multiple options for your next football game.

So, let’s start!

Best For Adults
WILSON "The Duke" Official NFL Game Football - New 2020 Version , Brown
Best For Youth
Wilson NFL Super Grip Composite Football - Junior Size, Brown
Wilson "The Duke"
Wilson Super Grip
Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime
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Best For Adults
WILSON "The Duke" Official NFL Game Football - New 2020 Version , Brown
Wilson "The Duke"
Amazon Prime
N° Reviews
Average Rating
Best For Youth
Wilson NFL Super Grip Composite Football - Junior Size, Brown
Wilson Super Grip
Amazon Prime
N° Reviews
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Best Football For Adults In 2021

1. Wilson The Duke Official NFL Game Football

The spark of playing football is different when you are using the official balls issues by the great NFL, and we are sure that your aspiration to play will spike up.

With this football, players will enjoy the game at the highest level along with the breaks.

This football is integrated with excellent gripping, making it a perfect choice for your high school tournaments and training.

To ensure effective playing, best materials have been used to make this elite football.

The exterior of the ball is signed by Mr. Roger Goodell, official commissioner of NFL, which speaks for its authenticity and approval.

It’s highly durable, and no matter how many tournaments you play it in, it’s not going to lose its shape.

Many people have named it an expensive option, but once you hit the field with this football, each penny will be worth it, and you will know that by the quarter break!

  • Optimized and sturdy grip
  • Durable
  • Shape-retaining
  • Official NFL football
  • Signed by NFL official commissioner
  • Expensive

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2. Under Armour 395 Football

If you are looking for a training football that can be easily played in your backyard, this football is the answer to all the requirements.

Designed and made from composite leather, the durability of this football is top-notch.

There is an exceptional gripping technology inculcated in this football to ensure the ball doesn’t fall out of your hands.

This football is designed with Gripskin technology that is designed by Under Armour. With this technology, the players can play during all weather.

In addition, the inner lining will help maintain the football’s shape over the years, and to provide some softness, the foam has been added to the design.

The professional players don’t like the soft alignment, but if the beginners don’t want to go through such pain, it’s perfect!

If you are looking for reasonably priced football that can aid your training sessions, this football will serve as a combination of value for money and quality.

  • Durable
  • Foam to ensure softness
  • Inner lining to ensure shape retaining
  • Gripskin technology
  • Comfortable to use
  • Doesn’t work in tournaments

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3. Wilson NCAA Composite Football

If you are a football enthusiast, you would know that this company has sharpened its saw in the market by offering footballs to the official tournaments and leagues.

Many people don’t consider it is apt enough for the league, but for the training sessions, the bulk of this football will stay with you!

This football has been designed and constructed with composite leather to ensure durability.

Besides, there are deep pebbles in the design to ensure an exceptional grip for the players.

Every quarterback demands the need for gloves to handle the ball, but with this ball, there are no such issues.

There are multiple sizes available in this ball to ensure every player has something to play with. Over the years, this football has become an integral part of every training session’s equipment.

No matter if you want to train for ball catching or kicking, this football shall serve the purpose.

The best part of this football is that you can play in the wet weather as well, and if backyard football is at your agenda, take Wilson NCAA Composite Football out of the box!

  • Excellent griping
  • Shape retaining
  • Affordable
  • Multiple sizes availability
  • Not suitable for official games

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4. Rawlings NFL NFL Hail Mary Football

As the word hail is in the game, choosing this football for your game ensures that your team is hailed at by the end of the game.

This might not be the perfect football for the field, but if you want to cheer your favorite team in the field, it’s the right choice for you.

With this football, the fans can support their teams by placing it on the display of the home.

The size has been decided to be smaller, given that it won’t be used in the game. However, people have been using football for recreational games, and it served the purpose right!

There are multiple brand logos and color options available in this football to help you display your love for the favorite team.

So, if you happen to have a replica of NNFL equipment, this football will look great on the wall!

This football is designed to offer an effective grip, and the best part is that your kids can use this football for their recreational games in the wet weather as well!

  • Well-designed
  • Available in multiple logos and colors
  • Multiple brands are available
  • Suitable for display and recreational games
  • Cannot be used in the game

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5. Spalding Never Flat Football

If you want to hit the field but don’t want to embarrass yourself, it is better to start with this football.

This is because this football is designed to be a training football for your training sessions in the backyard.

It is a suitable choice for recreational players as well. The exterior is made of soft composite cover, which makes it easy and painless to catch.

The beginner players aren’t used to pain and damage to the hands while playing American football.

With this ball, you can catch it from far-off distances, and it won’t cause any harm.

The best thing about this football is its durable inflation, and whenever you want to opt for a game, you don’t have to see a deflated football lying on the ground.

However, there is a valve to ensure you can pump in the air easily and to ensure zero leaks during the harsh game.

This football is designed with soft rubber foam, which optimizes the ball projection and offers training for the catching as well.

So, if you have been looking for an affordable option, this football is the answer to all your prayers!

  • Affordable
  • Optimal inflation
  • Easy to inflate
  • Effective grip
  • Suitable for training
  • Not suitable for official games

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Best Footballs For Youth Players In 2021

1. Wilson NFL Super Grip Football

The younger players often need training, and the market for training footballs is pretty narrow. So, this might be the perfect choice because people are hoarding on this one.

This football is made from leathers, and there is an exterior cover that ensures optimal grip of the football.

This might be the replica, but the design ensures optimal learning with the official sizing.

There is multi-layered lining in this football responsible for retaining the shape of the football.

No matter if you want to train ball catching or play the real game in wet weather, this football will make an apt choice.

Many players have been looking for affordable yet consistent options, and to be honest, there cannot be a better football than this.

In other words, this is designed to be a learning and training football!

  • Durable
  • Multi-layered lining for shape-retaining
  • Affordable
  • Leather construction
  • Not designed for tournaments

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2. Franklin Sports Grip-Rite 100 Rubber Junior Football

This might sound like a lesser-known name in the market, but if you want to a football for your youth player, this is the perfect option out there.

This football is designed with super tacky rubber molded construction to ensure durability.

In addition, the football is curated with professionally-designed raised rubber laces to ensure an effective grip.

There is a waterproof rubber cover on the exterior to ensure players can play during rain and wet weather conditions.

This football is designed to be the junior size, and the size is perfectly official.

  • Durable
  • Super tacky rubber molded construction
  • Raised rubber laces
  • Effective stitching and grip
  • Waterproof rubber cover
  • Junior size
  • Unreliable inflation

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3. NFL Gridiron Junior-Size Youth Football

If you are an NFL fan and want to start with training from a young age, this football is designed especially for you.

However, it is seen that it fits well the young player’s hand but is sturdy enough to satisfy the adult players.

There are multiple logos and team colors available in this football, which helps you cheer for your favorite team in the field and make them proud.

The weight is optimal enough to help adult players enjoy their time in the backyard.

This football is constructed with molded rubber design that makes the throw and catch easy. This football is an integration of design, functionality, and value.

The best part is that this football is officially licensed as the NFL product.

  • Fits young and adult players all the same
  • Multiple team colors and logos are available
  • Molded rubber construction
  • Officially licensed as NFL product
  • Smaller than the official size

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4. NFL Downfield Youth Football

If you consider yourself the NFL fan, this football will be a perfect option for you.

Designed to offer authenticity, this football has been designed with HD GRIP as it’s a patent to Rawlings.

This grip means that there are five folds more pebbles in the football as compared to other footballs.

If you want to enjoy training as a youth player and want to show off the arms game, this football will serve both purposes.

This football is designed with molded rubber, and the logos are printed on front and back, which means it’s licensed by the NFL.

With this football, the youth players can train themselves for ball throwing and catching.

In addition, if you want to support your favorite team in the field, this football will offer such functionality as well.

  • HD Grip
  • Five folds more pebbles to ensure effective grip
  • Officially licensed as NFL product
  • Logos and brands imprinted
  • A bit larger than the junior size

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5. Rawlings NFL Air It Out Youth Football

No matter what age you are in, this football is suitable for everyone, and you can toss it around the backyard easily.

Also, you can throw it around the tailgate without any issue.

There is an enhanced grip in this football, which is possible with the raised lacing and sponge rubber shells.

There are multiple team logos and names available, so you can easily support your favorite team by using this football as the display.

This football is nine-inches in length, which makes it the perfect size for young players.

  • Enhanced grip
  • Sponge rubber shells
  • Raised lacing
  • Multiple team logos and names available
  • Nine inches in length
  • Not hard enough

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Different Sizes of Footballs

Whenever you are talking about football, size is essential because it affects the spiral and ball throw.

In addition, the football-size directly impacts the grip because if the size is optimal, it will offer a firm grip.

If you are using the football that has “official size” labeled on the football, the dimensions and weight of the ball are as according to NCAA and NFL.

However, there are adult-sized footballs in the market which might not have the official perimeters.

There are footballs for young players and training purposes such as pee wee balls and youth balls.

These balls are actually good for people with small hands who want to learn football and throw a spiral.

There are a few standard sizes available for the football, and while choosing football, you need to choose the right size.

While deciding the football size, you need to consider the hand size and age of the player.

Basically, there are four age groups that have been categorized for you to choose the right size;

Youth Footballs

Designed for players aged from 12 years old to 14 years old.

These footballs are 26.26 inches and 19.25 inches, in long and short circumference, respectively.

Peewee Footballs

Designed for players aged from 6 years old to 9 years old.

These footballs are 24 inches and 17.5 inches, in long and short circumference, respectively.

Official Footballs

Designed for players aged from 14 years old and more.

These footballs are 28 inches and 21 inches, in long and short circumference, respectively.

Junior Footballs

Designed for players aged from 9 years old to 12 years old.

These footballs are 25 inches and 18.5 inches, in long and short circumference, respectively.

How To Choose The Best Football For You

In this section, we have added multiple factors that you need to consider while buying a football.

So, make sure you think about the factors because it’s essential for deciding the right option for your next football game!


Footballs are usually constructed from various materials such as foam, leather, and composites.

Every material has its highs and lows, and we have added them in the section below;

  • Leather

All NFL footballs are made from leathers, and the tanned leather is used. The tanning process makes the material easy to grip and tacky.

This material is perfect and offers optimal grip while leather is used in the construction of football gloves as well.

Leather often requires polishing and makes a durable fit. There are leather conditioners in the market which keep everything clean.

These products can be stored easily where there is enough ventilation. You will come across some leather footballs that are water-resistant that make it easy to play in the water.

However, if you use the leather footballs in wet weather, dry them thoroughly before storing them.

But make sure you aren’t exposing your leather football to water for an extended time. It is preferable to use leather footballs on grass or turfs.

  • Composite

Composite is another name for fake leather, but there are high qualities in fake leather as well.

The highest qualities will look ditto as original leather and the cheap ones will not have ample refining.

Also, the composite footballs are designed with a need for minimal maintenance.

The composite footballs are reasonably priced with textured material. Besides, these footballs offer effective grip but cannot handle moisture and water.

But some composite balls have an external coating to ensure weather resistance. These footballs are designed to offer durability!

  • Foam

These are the most different types of footballs, but they cannot be used in official tournaments. These footballs are adequate for throw and catch games for the backyard.

These footballs are available at a reasonable price chart.

These footballs are designed to be water-friendly and soft. There is a lesser chance of injury with these footballs given the high forgiving capacity.


There are some rand conscious people who always opt for branded and expensive footballs, but all that glitters aren’t gold.

It is better to prioritize your playing concerns and what you will use football to find the right brand.

While choosing the brands, make sure you are getting the value for your money, and there is no wear and tear. In other words, you need to create a balance of cost and quality while finding the football.


The type of bladder will have an impact on the bounce. The bladders will differ with types of the ball such as;

  • Training balls have a rubber or reinforced synthetic as they offer air retention
  • Match balls have latex bladders to ensure optimal performance

FAQs About The Best Footballs

Which Football Is Good, Hand-Stitched, Or Machine Stitched?

There are pros and cons of each that we have mentioned in the section below;

  • Hand-stitched footballs offer great stability, and there is no wear and tear on them. However, the power is great, but they are expensive
  • Machine stitched footballs are optimal for training purposes as the stitching remains consistent and strong

What Is The Weight Of A Football?

The standard weight of the football remains 16 oz.

How Do You Inflate The Football?

Inflating the ball has different options and methods. The most effective way is to inflate the football using a pump.

You can even use the pump that you use for pumping in compressed air in your bicycle tires. You can use the canned air and a small straw to pump in small bursts of air.


With this article, we have tried to portray essential information regarding the best footballs in the market.

Also, we have added a buying guide to help you make the right decision and FAQs to answer all your concerns.

So, just narrow down your preferences and start playing football like a champ!

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