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Best Ultimate Frisbee Bags To Buy In 2021

As an ultimate frisbee player, there are many things you always carry with you to training and games.

You can obviously use any bag that you find your basement.

However, buying a premium ultimate frisbee bag is far more efficient and professional.

Here is our picks for the best ultimate frisbee bags to buy in 2021

How To Choose The Best Ultimate Frisbee Bag

The Frisbee bag selection depends on the material, construction, accessibility, durability, resistance factors.

  • Material

The bag should be preferably made of durable synthetic material like nylon, polyester, or PVC for the exterior with the soft inner layer made of nylon or canvas.

  • Construction

The bag should compact and easy to carry. It should carry at least seven to eight Frisbees in the main zippered partition with additional pockets on the sides.

Padding on the back and solid base provide protection. Insulated zippered compartments for water bottles and pockets for accessories and putters and putters are added benefits.

Resistance to water, heat, humidity, and elements can increase durability.

  • Accessibility

The compartments and pockets should have a stable dimension without collapsing, making it easy to access Frisbees, water bottles, and accessories.

Best Ultimate Frisbee Bags In 2021

1. Discraft Weekender Disc Golf Bag

Discraft Weekender is a compact Frisbee bag made of flexible, firm, and durable material. It has a soft external finishing with a good water-resistance property.

It has a sturdy construction with a thick base and back padding.

The extendable wide strap can provide comprehensive support to the bag and make across the shoulder wearing and carrying comfortable.

The wide and long strap pad provides additional support to your shoulder.

The main compartment has sufficient volume to hold a minimum of six to seven Frisbee discs.  The open side-pocket can also carry one or two discs comfortably.

The water bottle pocket has an adjustable thread for varying the fitment according to your convenience.

The zipper on the main compartment is sturdy and easy to handle. The metal slider is thick and has high tensile strength. Top and bottom stops are durable and resistant to wear and tear.

The additional Velcro strap over the main compartment provides extra safety and protection from the elements to the Frisbee discs.

The Discraft Weekender has a heavy-duty construction for resistance to rough usage without collapsing, tearing, over-stretching and warping.

  • Lightweight material with sturdy construction
  • Largely adjustable shoulder-strap
  • Sturdy base with flexible sides for extra space to carry discs
  • No insulated compartments for water bottles

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2. The Throwback Sack - Frisbee Disc Golf Bag

The Throwback Sack is the perfect dream Frisbee bag for carrying discs, cold water bottles, cell phones, towels, and accessories and putters required for your sport.

Of course, it is large and has multiple sections and compartments.

The main compartment can fit in 15 discs, while the side open-pocket can also accommodate or two.

The Throwback Sack has three main sections namely main compartment, insulated water bottle compartment, and a large zippered pocket for accessories.

Besides, there is an open water bottle pocket with adjustable fitment thread.

The construction of zippers is sturdy and flexible. Closely constructed teeth can interlock with each other to provide maximum stability after closing and locking.

The netted inner layering of the bag provides comfort and soft support for the discs in the main compartment. The main benefit of the bag is its stability without stretching or collapsing.

The insulated compartment (size is more than that of a pocket) can keep two large size water bottle cold for hours.

The other zippered pocket can hold all your accessories and putters like the pocket diary, cell phone, charger, tissues, and more.

The sturdy shoulder strap has multiple locking latches, two over the main compartment, and the others on the sides. It makes carrying comfortable and provides added protection.

  • Ample space for 15+ Frisbee discs
  • Insulated section for cold drinks
  • Sturdy construction for long durability
  • No visible cons

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3. Innova Champion Discs Deluxe Disc Golf Bag

Innova Champion has a fully enclosed design with sturdy construction from a durable and lightweight material.

Large and voluminous main compartment with a zippered pocket and a Velcro protected pouch can accommodate 20 discs, water bottles, towels, cell-phones, and accessories and putters.

The shoulder strap is made of flexible, yet form material with high tensile strength and load-bearing capacity.

Fully enclosed zipper with metal slider and safe locking mechanism provides comprehensive protection from the elements.

The Innova fabric is firm and rugged on the exterior with smooth surface finishing. All the machine stitching is sturdy and provides resistance for loading.

The interior layer construction protects the bag from warping or buckling.

The Innova Champion Frisbee bag has a firm base for the main compartment. Since the side pockets don’t provide base support, it is designed to endure large loads with stability and strength.

The synthetic fabric with fusion construction provides maximum resistance to water, heat, humidity, wear and tear, and the elements.

The Innova Champion has the bright exterior blue color that enhances the aesthetic appeals.

  • Ample space for 20+ Frisbee discs
  • Lightweight fabric with sturdy construction
  • Sufficient space for accessories and putters
  • No pockets for drink bottles

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4. Athletico Disc Golf Bag

Athletico bag has a great design with sufficient width, height, and volume to hold 14 discs, a large water bottle, and plenty of accessories.

The open side pocket can accommodate 3 to 4 discs with its flexible construction.

The side accessories pocket has ample space to accommodate towels, scorecards, cell-phones and more.

There is one more side pocket adjacent to it for holding pens, pencils, notepads, and other smaller items.

There is one more zipper pocket at the top cover for holding tissues and sweat-bands.

The zippers on the bag have synthetic fabric extensions to make opening and closing fast and straightforward. Three layered teeth lock actively through a slider.

The zipper over the main compartment top has special white padding to enhance its protective covering.

The Athletico has a sturdy exterior construction, and a soft interior netted layer for providing comfort to the discs and the other content.

The shoulder strap is highly flexible with length adjustment latch and shoulder supporting pad. You can shorten it for over-shoulder carrying or lengthen it for across the shoulder carrying.

  • Flexible side pocket for carrying extra discs (apart from 14+ in the main compartment)
  • Large twin pockets for accessories
  • Compact design with sturdy construction and firm base with supporting feet
  • No insulated pockets

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5. Athletico Power Shot Disc Golf Backpack

Athletico Power Shot can carry more load than the shoulder bags due to its large and sturdy construction with plenty of space for whatever you wish to carry.

The primary container can accommodate 20+ discs while the quick-grab pocket has space for 2 or 3.

The two XL-bottle holders are flexible due to the elastic top and a netted body and sturdy nylon base.

Besides, the bag has an insulted and zipped pocket for holding large size drink bottles. It has a flexible construction on the side-walls and a firm base for supporting the excess load.

Side straps on the right (when you see the bag from the front) above the water pocket can be used to accommodate camera tripods or similar objects.

Polyester fabric material used in the bag construction makes it firm, flexible, sturdy, and resistant to wear and tear and elements.

The main compartment has a protective cover with two zipper sliders. It has a durable construction with support for top and bottom stops and a flexible body.

The Athletico Power Shot has the support of a sturdy base with multiple feet. Hence, it can rest vertically on the ground with a heavy load.

  • Large space for 20+ discs
  • Strong shoulder and head straps for comfortable carrying
  • Insulated pocket for cold drinks
  • No visible cons

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6. Innova - Champion Discs Standard Disc Golf Bag

The compact Innova-champion is made of the durable and flexible material with sufficient space for ten discs, a large water bottle and essential accessories and putters required for the sport.

The side open-pocket can also accommodate one or two discs comfortably.

The shoulder strap has two length adjusters with a long, cushioned pad. It makes carrying comfortable.

The locking mechanism with the bag is sturdy and removable. Also, you can change the strap according to your convenience.

The exterior surface of the Innova-Champion is firm yet soft. It has high resistance to heat, humidity, and water. It is also scratch and tear-proof with reasonable flexibility.

The bag has a strong base with firm feet for upright vertical posture.

The top cover of the main compartment has a protective shield with the sturdy zipper. It extends from the right of the supporting flap and extends to the left for completely covering the top.

The Innova-Champion comes in five color combinations for you to choose from.

With the most straightforward design and most reliable construction, the compact Frisbee bag is ideal for beachside family entertaining games.

  • Compact design and sturdy construction
  • Attractive color combinations
  • Comfortable to carry shoulder strap construction
  • No visible cons

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7. Dynamic Discs Cadet Disc Golf Bag

Dynamic Frisbee bag has a compact design for holding up ten discs. It comes with a large open side pocket which you can use for discs, towels, tissues, and other small accessories.

A large pocket on the side has sufficient space for the putter.

The shoulder strap is compact, sturdy and length adjustable. It attaches to a sturdy strap holder which can carry the excellent volume of disc load with good structural stability.

The interior of the bag has a stable construction with a smooth surface.

Machine stitching on the interior lining, exterior edges, and the top protective layers protects the structural stability.

The fabric material has maximum resistance to wear and tear, water, heat and humidity, and the elements.

The zipper and the top cover provide complete protection to the discs. Two-layer construction of the teeth and a sturdy slider lock the top cover with the main compartment body.

The Dynamic Frisbee bag comes in highly aesthetic design and attractive colors. It’s a value-adding collection for your Frisbee sporting enthusiasm.

It is easy to wash and simple to maintain. Wiping with a wet cloth can clean it thoroughly.

  • Compact Frisbee bag for ten discs
  • Aesthetic designs and attractive colors
  • Putter pocket
  • No insulated pockets

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