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Best Ultimate Frisbee Discs In 2021: Buyer’s Guide

The disc is the most important part of ultimate frisbee.

It is what makes the game what it is.

Thus, buying a premium ultimate disc can make all the difference in playing the sport.

This guide has it all covered.

From teaching you about things to consider when buying your first frisbee disc to reviewing the best ultimate Frisbee discs in 2021.

Editor's Choice
Ultra-Star 175G Ultimate Disc - White
Best Overall
Wham-O Ultimate Frisbee 175g (Assorted colors)
Discraft 175
Wham-O 175
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23,350 Reviews
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Editor's Choice
Ultra-Star 175G Ultimate Disc - White
Discraft 175
N° Reviews
23,350 Reviews
Average Rating
Best Overall
Wham-O Ultimate Frisbee 175g (Assorted colors)
Wham-O 175
Amazon Prime
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Best Ultimate Frisbee Discs In 2021

1. Discraft 175 gram Ultra Star Sport Disc

The twin layers of script-band with a thick layer of Headrick lines give a high attack angle to the Discraft Ultra Star disc.

It is made of high-grade engineering plastic for longer durability and resistance to the elements while playing outdoors, especially on the beach.

The plastic is tested for skin-friendly composition with no irritants and allergens.

National Ultimate Association approved the design for the Morrison slope helps in varying the aerodynamic lift according to your specific requirements.

You can do it by varying the angle of throw.

The flight-path of the Discraft is accurate and straight, regardless of the angle of motion. The construction model allows you to throw the disc at a low angle while playing with your kids or pets.

At the same time, it gives you the option of increasing the speed and the attack angle while playing with your friends.

Rim and the rear-edge design provides quick grip onto the disc when your teammate passes it to you.

It allows you to hold and pass the flow, or throw it over to the opponents within a span of a few seconds. Optimally spaced Headrick lines allow you to control the speed and direction.

  • Professional design and construction according to National Ultimate Association standards
  • Quick grip for an accurate pass and controlled throw
  • High resistance to elements for longer durability
  • Dome design may make it tough for children to control in the initial stages. Needs training and practice to get a good balance and control

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2. Wham-O Ultimate Flying Disc Frisbee 175g, Assorted Colors

The Wham-O ultimate flying disc comes with a bright blue color and optimally designed structure at the script band and the Headrick lines.

The two bands (shorter and higher width) provide the perfect balance for the aerodynamic speed and angular momentum from its cavity spot.

Optimum material density, weight and construction density are the three parameters that provide stability, speed, and control while playing.

They give you the options to use the forehand and backhand grips for the various types of throws.

The Wham-O is ideally designed for the youngsters and the adults to achieve the perfect swings and throwing techniques.

The construction of Morrison slope and rim-edge gives you good control over the power-grip.

The freedom to place the thumb along the rim lines to get a good air bounce allows you to vary the throw from high release backhand to the low release according to the situation.

You can also vary the coverage distances from short to the long range, to overcome the reach of the opponent players.

The cavity spot coincides with the center-of-gravity of the disc, making it easy to control the trajectory velocity and the angular momentum.

Straight-arm throws with the forehand grip can generate the most optimum speed, rotation and angular momentum for earning the maximum points.

  • National Ultimate Association recommended weight and design
  • Best Morrison angle curvature for reduced air resistance
  • Firm grip and easy to handle construction
  • May not be suitable for kids below 5 years

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3. Innova MLU Pulsar 175 gram Major League Ultimate Disc

The most striking part of Innova MLU Pulsar design is its Flight-plate. It is not completely flat like the others.

The slightly elevated bulge from the script band to the navel provides an added vertical lift when you throw.

The contours in the bulged elevation form V shapes from the navel to the script band. It is the construction best suited for the hammer throw and the push-pass.

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It allows the disc to rotate smoothly in the clockwise direction and increases the momentum within the short range of distance.

The disc diameter is slightly higher (10.826”) than the standard models you might have seen so far.

Coupled with higher density and standard weight, the disc can fly at incredible speeds, defying the reverse drag. It is designed to be used at the professional training and tournament levels.

The high density of flight-rings gives the maximum control and grip over the disk in hot and humid conditions.

Hammer, power, and the low-hand grips are easy to master within a few days. Rip gripping, and power gain is the two distinct benefits you get with the MLU Pulsar.

The Innova MLU Pulsar construction from the core to the rims ensures maximum aerodynamic lift by using the minimum force.

It allows you to vary the attacking angle from the lowest of 20+-degrees to the highest of 45+-degrees at high and low release throws and passes.

  • Design and construction conform to the Ultimate Player Association standards
  • Molded plastic construction for maximum durability
  • Optimum stability and lift at every angle of throw and pass
  • No visible cons

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4. Daredevil Discs - Ultimate Gamedisc - Cherry (Red)

The Daredevil disc has an optimally reducing ratio of width between the Morrison slope, flight-rings, and the script-bands.

It allows the disc to travel at higher speeds with negligible dragging force. Better palm grip, finger orientation, and direction control make it possible to vary the throw types in real time.

The sync between the flight plate and script band creates the most optimized vertical lift while playing outdoors.

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It allows you to make quick passes between your teammates and also throw the disc at an elevated vertical angle. You can vary the distance exactly according to your game plan.

Roller throw is a unique type of gaming technique in which you surprise your opponents with a flight, land, and roll on the ground.

Material density, structural stability, and the elevated contour design make it possible to play this shot to perfection.

Flight rings of the Daredevil disc are relatively thinner in density compared to the other brands. The granular structure gives better control over the grip, passing, and throwing techniques.

They allow you to get multiple gripping postures by varying the relative position of your thumb and index finger relative to the other fingers.

Now, you can handle every type of throw and pass to the flicks with ease.

  • Hard plastic for firm construction and durability
  • Designed for maximum speed and low reverse-drag
  • Complete control over vertical elevation, horizontal speed, and spin RPM
  • No visible cons

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5. Discraft Disc Store Ultra-Star 175g Ultimate Disc

The Discraft disc looks more like a space saucer than a mere playing device. Flight rings are hardly visible. Flight plate has a gentle angular slope from the strip-band to the core.

The rim-edge is perfectly round with finest exterior finishing. There is active sync between grip, control, speed, and aerodynamic momentum.

The micron level density of flight rings with fine granular texture makes it easy for dynamic grip and orientation changes.

For example, you may wish to play the high-backhand which needs added power to the throw on the go. It is made possible through the construction sync between the strip band, flight rings, and the flight plate.

The position of the cavity spot at the navel makes it possible to experiment with the elevated passes and throws at the maximum speed.

You can also vary the spin RPM (rotations per minute) with a gentle variation in the throwing angle and elevation. It pushes the disc to the maximum height and land at the desired destination at high speeds.

Swing is the best throw when you wish to achieve maximum speed at intermediate heights.

The rim structure of Discraft disc allows you to control the flight and increase the speed with its unique core construction.

  • Firm plastic construction with soft exterior finishing
  • The granular surface texture on the flight rings for better grip
  • Designed for optimum speed at various angular movements
  • White color may have reduced visibility while playing outdoors during the evenings

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6. Da Vinci Team Ultimate 175 Gram Flying Sport Disc

The design of Da Vinci disc is flat from the flight rings to the core of the cavity spot at the center. The angular deviation inclines-down evenly through the Morrison slope to the rim and Shelton line.

The professional shape and construction density ensure the most optimum speed, rotation, angular momentum, and elevation angle.

The rim has a smooth finishing with perfectly polished edges.

They allow the air to pass over the bottom layer without causing much of dragging effect. Hence, the disc can fly through the path of travel at evenly increasing speed.

Acceleration hits the maximum value within a short time and continues until its point of landing.

Scoring points with the wheeler throw are more comfortable than before. It is due to the grip you get with your thumb and the spin-twirl you generate with the index finger and the other fingers.

You can make the disc fly at amazing speeds at an angle that changes from approx 55-degrees to almost horizontal angle to the ground.

The other throw you can master with the Da Vinci is the Air-bounce.

The optimum grip across flight rings and control over the rim can lift the disc from the lowest angle (just before it hits the ground) to the maximum heights.

The aerodynamic lift generated at the rim and the rear of the disc can push it to the heights.

  • Flat flight plate and angled rim for highest vertical angular momentum and speed
  • Bright colors for clear visibility
  • Designed for power training
  • Rotational speed (RPM) may not reach maximum at lower heights

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7. VANCIC Competition Grade 175 Gram Flying Disc

VANCIC disc has high-density flight rings with distinctly visible gaps between them. The support for the thumb is very high.

It allows you to play all the forehand, backhand, flip-flop and bottom-up throws to precision.

The Morison angle is gentle and progressive from the rings to the rim. The extra layer of the rip at the bottom has a smooth finishing.

Air passes around the rim smoothly as the disc cuts through at the maximum speed.

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Reduction in reverse drag happens progressively with the changes you make on your gripping techniques.

The VANCIC disc design allows you to master all types of grips from the beginner level to the power level by just varying the finger pressure and orientation.

Perfection in the gripping, angling and throwing techniques could allow you to master the toughest gaming with basketball shots, ground bounce, and your favorite wall-ride.

Engineering grade plastic molding gives higher construction strength with longer durability. You can take the VANCIC disc to the beaches, outdoor courts and the indoor courts with no hassles.

The most awesome feature of the VANCIC disc is its adaptability to the family oriented playing and the competition and tournament level efficiency.

It is made possible due to the hybrid design that helps you control the gyroscopic stability, aerodynamic lift, and the angle of throw to the highest precision.

  • Engineering grade polypropylene material for strength and durability
  • Shaped to play at family entertainers and competition level games
  • Bright color for clear visibility
  • Disc control could be tough during low angle passing

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Ultimate Frisbee Disc Buying Guide

Material, design, construction, and weight are the primary parameters you need to consider while selecting the Ultimate Frisbee disc.

Design and construction are guided by the scientific principles of aerodynamics, gyroscopic stability, velocity and the angle of flight.


The ultimate Frisbee disc should have a circular shape with a National Ultimate Association recommended minimum diameter of 10.25”.

It should have a cavity spot at the bottom for enhancing the aerodynamic lift and reducing the reverse-drag force when it is in motion.

The recommended standard rim-edge curvature is 0.15”.

The flight rings above the edge should provide a firm grip to hold the disc with your thumb placed on the edge and the index finger along its circumference.

It should provide support for the other three fingers to spread out evenly and get a firm hold.

Material and Construction

The preferred material for the ultimate Frisbee disc is the hard plastic that is molded for the National Ultimate Association approved quality standards.

The weight should be between 170gms and 180gms.  The top surface of the disc should be relatively flat compared to the rim. The material could be polypropylene, PC, or ABS.

Morrison Slope

It is the outer-third of the disc whose symmetry provides the aerodynamic force and stability. Its angular curve starts at the flight plate and extends up to the rim.

It should be less than 45-degrees for balancing the flight direction and providing spin to the disc.


  • Gyroscopic Stability

The spinning (rotation) of the disc keeps it moving forward without collapsing to the ground during the flight.

The speed of rotation depends on the shape of the Morrison slope and the rim edge curvature.

By ensuring the values are within the standards, you can get the best ultimate Frisbee disc for your gaming.

Hold the disc with the thumb above the Morrison slope and the other four fingers on the rear-side. Throw the Frisbee flat and observe its motion.

The flight path should be straight with no deviation from its intended path.

The disc should rotate continuously on its path until it hits the ground. Then you can be sure of its gyroscopic stability.

  • Aerodynamic Lift

Aerodynamic lift is the upward movement of the disc at an angle relevant to the ground. An increase in this angle can result in an increase in distance covered.

An optimum rim-edge curvature (standard as specified) can increase the speed and keep the reverse drag (formed by the wind blowing in the opposite direction of flight, object weight, and the force of inertia) at the minimum possible level.

The hard plastic material should be of engineering grade that can pierce through the air-density at an average speed of 14-16 m/s. It is a parameter which you’ll need to check practically.

  • Attack Angle

The angle of attack depends on the construction of the Frisbee’s Headrick lines.

They should be equidistant from each other and their height should not be above the script-band which separates them from the flight-plate.

Such construction helps in increasing the angle of attack to the optimum value while throwing. The momentum leads to higher speed and force, making it difficult for the opponents to catch the disc.

Hammer throw becomes simple and effective making it difficult for the opponents to block the flight.

  • Quick Grip

The surface underneath the rim rear-end should have a firm grip for you to hold. It plays a critical role when you need quick passes between your teammates.

It helps in smooth flow of the disc to earn extra points during the game.

  • Trajectory Velocity

The trajectory-velocity of the disc can vary, depending on the attack angle and the force used for a throw.

Reverse drag will be more when you play the game near the seashore on the beaches or in open spaces.

The location of the cavity spot plays an important role in optimizing the velocity while nullifying the effect of drag.

Standard discs will have a point near to the navel at the center of the flight-plate circle.

  • Disc Control

The overall construction and design of the ultimate Frisbee disc should provide you control over its handling, holding, throwing, and catching.

You can check the control level while using it for backhand and forehand throws.

It gives you the ability to control the speed, direction and distance coverage along with the angle of flight and landing.

It will also allow you the freedom to increase or decrease the rotational (spinning) speed, depending on the angle of attack and the distance between you and the opponent player.

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