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Best Ultimate Frisbee Gloves 2021: Buying Guide

During winter, the player’s hands could get too cold and numb.

During summer, they could get very sweaty, and after playing for long hours, the hands could get very sore.

In both summer and winter, it would be very hard to catch the disk reliably, and this is why you need to get yourself a good pair of Ultimate Frisbee gloves.

Without further ado, here are our picks of the best ultimate firsbee gloves to get in 2021.

Best Ultimate Frisbee Gloves In 2021

1. Layout Ultimate Frisbee Gloves

The most impressive feature of these Ultimate gloves is the ultra-durable synthetic grip suitably placed on the synthetic leather palm and fingertips of the gloves.

The perfect grip gives players balanced control.

While at the same time, giving their throws more power and distance along with speed, accuracy and enhanced rotation on release.

The high grip also enables players to catch and handle the disk in all weather conditions.

Thus ensuring that they are always game-ready regardless of whether it is raining or snowing.

Besides the synthetic leather palm, the glove also has a breathable mesh backing which allows the hands to breathe and stay cool.

This mesh comes in handy particular because the synthetic leather can build up quite some warmth in the palms and at the same time, the mesh prevents the gloves from getting waterlogged with rain or sweat.

Another advantage is that the lightweight nature of the mesh allows for a full range of motion and this way, the player can efficiently execute different playing techniques without feeling restricted.

For convenience, these gloves come with a towelled thumb which players can use to wipe the sweat off their foreheads.

For durability, they feature double-stitched seams on the palm and this hard-wearing feature guards against rips and tears, therefore, enhancing the longevity of the gloves.

With a wide range of sizes ranging from XS to XXL, every player is sure to find a suitable fit.

Still, on fit and size, these gloves come with a wrist Velcro fastener with a flexible fabric underneath it for comfort and flexible wrist snaps.

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2. Friction Gloves Ultimate Frisbee Gloves

These Friction gloves are designed to withstand the rigours of extended play and hard-thrown discs all without developing any rips and tears.

This has been made possible by the reinforced material used on the upper palm of the gloves and the double stitching used at the seams.

Besides offering hardwearing properties, the reinforced upper palm of these gloves also eases the sting of zippy throws in cold weather.

A hard-wearing glove sufficiently protects your hands from pain and sores, and so players can play optimally all throughout the game even when it’s been going on for a couple of hours.

For grip, these gloves have rubberised palms and fingers which maintain their perfect grip even when playing in rainy weather.

The grip gives the disk extra spin on release, and this allows for longer throws that are also more accurate. When the player’s hand is fully opened to receive a pass, these gloves don’t have webbing.

Instead, the thumb of the glove has 4-way stretch at the crease of the thumb, and this provides a more intense grip on catches along with more hand mobility, therefore, enabling the player to employ more aggressive catching techniques.

While being an excellent accessory for cutters, these gloves also give handlers more control of the disk, owing to the added grip on the throwing fingers.

These gloves are a little thick for warmth and impact cushioning, but at the same time, they do not compromise the player’s feel at the fingertips.

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3. CFTech Ultimate Frisbee Gloves

We are living in a technology age where everyone is almost always glued to their gadget screens.

If you happen to fall in this category of millennials, this is the frisbee glove you need.

You never have to go through the trouble of constantly removing your gloves whenever you want to check something on your phone or answer a call then put the gloves back on after you are done.

These CFTech Ultimate Frisbee Gloves comes with fingertip touch screen technology which basically involves giving the index finger a conductive layer which allows you to use your phone without having to take the gloves off.

How convenient is that?

As far as performance is concerned, these Ultimate Frisbee gloves have a perfect grip which comes in handy in all weather conditions.

It allows for excellent throwing accuracy and speed, but at the same time, the grip is not so much that is becomes problematic during play.

The grip also gives throws more disk rotation on release, and this adds distance to the player’s throws which is a desirable aspect of any Ultimate game.

Besides elongating the distance the disk travels, rotational velocity also gives the disk stability even when playing in windy weather conditions.

These Ice Silk gloves have impressive breathability, and this keeps the player’s hands comfortably cool and dry throughout the game which can come quite in handy when playing in scorching weather conditions.

At the same time, this silk keeps the gloves from being waterlogged with sweat or rain.

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4. Premium Ultimate Frisbee Gloves by Mint

These gloves feature a very deliberate design intended at giving them the highest level of tackiness so that cutters can catch the ball securely and handlers can enjoy superior disk control.

To begin with, the MAXX Tack grip material used at the palm of the gloves offers an excellent grip while playing in all weather conditions.

At the same time, this synthetic material is hard wearing.

Thus, guaranteeing that it can stand up to the rigours of extended play along with other kinds of abuses the gloves could go through while in use.

This great tackiness also allows handlers to release the disk with a lot of rotational velocity and this gives the disk enhanced stability when playing in windy field conditions.

For cushioning and protection, the gloves have impact-absorbing padding at the bony part of the palm, and this padding also helps to protect these bones from hard-thrown disks.

Another handy feature of these premium gloves is the Coolflex material used at the back and flex panels of the glove, and this allows for breathability.

Additionally, the Coolflex material enhances the signature Mint fit of this glove, and this allows for comfort as well as allowing for natural motion of the player’s hands while executing different throwing and catching techniques.

Still, on comfort and enhancing natural motion, these gloves have a low-profile design, and this comes in handy in eliminating tension at the wrists.

As a result, the player can enjoy free wrist motion which is a vital aspect when playing Ultimate Frisbee.

Comfort is further enhanced by the fold-over fingertip design which eliminates seams at the fingertips, therefore giving the glove a more comfortable fit as well as maximising the surface area for disk contact.

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5. Huck Nation Dominator Ultimate Frisbee Gloves

If you are looking for a pair of gloves that has the highest level of dexterity as well as the most natural feel when handling a Frisbee Disk, then these Dominators are just the gloves for you.

Designed for both cutters and handlers, these gloves feature a seamless design which results in an almost-skin like connection when holding the disk.

This has been made possible using the coated design instead of stitching.

This coated design consists of a polymer coating which has gone through thorough engineering to get that optimal skin-like feel.

Just as well, the elimination of stitching means that the player gets more direct contact with the disk and this is felt on all areas of the hand.

In addition to that, the hi-tech 3-fibre weave used on this glove results in incredible dexterity, durability, and flexibility so that players get to enjoy maximum comfort with a wide range of motion.

The “Attack Spot” located between the forefinger and the thumb has a tackier surface for both extra strength and enhanced grip which further betters the player’s hand block by stopping the rotation of the disk.

The optimal position of the Attack Spot is perfect for cutters, but at the same time, it does not get in the way of handlers’ throws.

For a perfect fit, these gloves come with a wristband that has elastic ribbing.

Additionally, the wristband is made from a soft fabric that has moisture wicking properties, and this helps keep the player’s hands comfortably cool and dry.

Breathability of the glove is further enhanced by the breathable polymer coating used on the fingers and palm of the glove.

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6. Flyers Ult - Ultimate Frisbee Gloves (G1)

These high-performance Frisbee gloves are designed for players who prioritise consistency and comfort while playing. To begin with, the design of these gloves is very simple yet completely practical.

Having palms made form a high-quality, durable material, the gloves offer impressive grip in all weather conditions.

So, your team never has to lose a match because it was raining outside and the players kept dropping the ball.

In addition to that, these gloves are ideally suited for colder climates because they are thick enough to be warm and comfortable, but while still being thin enough to give the players a responsive feel when they hold the disk.

Because they feature minimal stitching, these gloves give a secure fit, and at the same time, they are very flexible, allowing the player to have a wide range of motion.

This flexibility and free hand movement have further been made possible because the gloves do not have any reinforcement at the back of the hands.

Instead, the back of this glove is made from a material that is stretchable and has perfect breathability, so the gloves do not get waterlogged from rain or sweat.

At the same time, the stretchy nature of this material allows for a perfect snug fit ensuring the glove does not shift or slip during play.

For comfort and protection, these gloves have a padded area at the palm, and these protective pads come in handy to protect the payer from stings which occur when you try to catch a hard throw.

For convenience, these gloves are very easy to clean, and they come with a convenient, water-resistant carrying bag which provides dry storage of the gloves when not in use.

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7. Cutters Football Glove

This lightweight, flexible glove comes with a C-TACK extreme grip which is a very strong grip that gives great handling control in all weather conditions.

One unique thing about this grip though is that fact that is a permanent self-restoring grip.

Which means that you never have to worry about your gloves performing less optimally with extended use.

To restore the grip, wipe the gloved down with a damp cloth, or you may also opt to machine-wash them and machine dry as well.

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Besides the impressive grip, this C-TACK grip material offers ventilation for the palm and fingers.

So, the player gets to remain comfortably cool and dry throughout the game even after wearing the gloves all day long.

The back of the hand is made from a lightweight material that has 2-way stretch, and this property allows the gloves to fit securely and comfortably.

Just as well, this material is very flexible and allows for unrestricted motions, and it also extends all the way to the area between the fingers.

Finger-lock gussets are put in place to eliminate undesired material slippage from around the fingers’ region and support from the glove is further enhanced by the strategically placed panels.

For cushioning, there is a compressed foam padding and a compressed neoprene cuff as well which guards against wrist strains arising from tension build-up.

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How to Choose the Best Ultimate Frisbee Gloves


Ultimately, the goal is to find a glove material that offers impressive tackiness for secure catching and disc handling and one that also features impact-absorbing padding to protect the player’s hands from hard-thrown discs.

Additionally, the best Ultimate Frisbee glove material should offer impressive breathability so that your hands are cool and comfortable throughout the game without impacting on your disc-handling capabilities.

Generally, ultimate Frisbee gloves are made from synthetic materials whereby the glove may be entirely constructed from one material or a blend of different materials.

In the latter instance, the glove constitutes several individual panels and the material used in each panel is informed by the location on the glove as well as the desired material properties.

Always keep in mind though that gloves made from a thinner material are preferred because this way, the player does not sacrifice the feel in their fingertips during ball handling.

Just as well, robust and durable gloves will be a worthy investment because they will last your several playing seasons.

Fit (Size)

The overall fit of a glove is a very important factor to take into consideration.

The webbing in between the fingers should give a snug fit, and there should be no extra material at the tips of the fingers or the back of the hand.

Despite the snug git though, a suitable Ultimate Frisbee glove should not restrict the movement of your fingers.

Instead, it should tighten at the contours of the hand, so the player can catch and throw the disk efficiently.

For enhanced fit, most gloves come with a fastener at the wrist which helps secure the glove firmly to the hand so that there is not slipping or shifting around while playing.

However, some players find that this wrist fastener limits their wrist movement a bit and this impacts on their throws.

A player should, therefore, go for gloves that feel most comfortable for them.

As you will come to find out, different fits work for different players and so it could come down to a matter of preference and playing styles.


In Ultimate Frisbee, the players who catch the ball are called the cutters, and they execute this role using two basic catching techniques: two-handed and one-handed catch.

However, keep in mind that the latter should never be used unless the player needs a couple of extra inches of reach.

Two-handed catches are more popular, and they are more versatile, comprising the Pancake catch, the Crocodile catch, and the Rim catch.

The best gloves for catching will have a high amount of grip especially is the player will be making Crocodile catches which often involve fast-moving discs.

A high amount of grip is also needed for Rim catches because of the high rotational velocity of the disc whereby without sufficient grip, the disc could spin out of control and out of the player’s hands.


The handlers make the throws, and their role is particularly important because they set the disc up for the cutters to catch.

A handler should throw the disk in such a way that the cutter with catch it efficiently and this often involves three main throwing techniques: the Forehand throw, the Backhand throw and the Overhead throw which is popularly known as the Hammer throw.

For Forehand throws, the gloves need to have a perfect grip and should also be flexible enough to allow for proper finger positioning on the disc.

Backhand throws, on the other hand, require a glove that has a particularly low profile for unrestricted wrist movement.

Overhead throws are considered an advanced technique, and this requires a strong combination of good wrist snap and a strong grip along with proper finger positioning on the disk.

Pump faking is another valuable throwing technique that requires gloves that have a great grip and unrestricted wrist movement.

This allows the player effectively combine different throw techniques without losing control of the disk and have it flying in an unintended direction.

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