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10 Fun Frisbee Games For Kids To Try This Spring

Kids love fun and they are always looking for enjoyable activities to participate in.

So if your kids seem bored with the indoor video games, or have been playing those boring outdoor old-school games for long, it’s time for a change.

And what better sport can you introduce them than Frisbee?

The games are not only affordable but very entertaining as well, for the entire family.

Feels like something you want to try out?

Here is a list of the top 10 Frisbee games for kids to get you started;

1. Frisbee Throwing Race

This is one of the easiest Frisbee sport to learn, which makes it ideal for children.

Before starting the game, you have to prepare the ground first.

Take a temporary /permanent marker or a rope (whichever you prefer) and draw two parallel lines.

The distance between the two lines should be around 10 yards. Label the lines as “line 1” and “line 2”.

Next, summon all the interested kids and categorize them into pairs. And then let them stand on the opposite sides on the lines (lines 1 and 2).

Give the Frisbee to one child on “line1” and let allow them get ready with their partner.

Once they’re both ready to play, shout “Go/Begin/Start” and they should start throwing the Frisbee back and forth with their playmate.

The winners are determined by the team that achieves 20 straight catches.

2. Kanjam

The Kanjam Frisbee game involves 4 players per session.

Due to its moderate complexity, it’s suitable for children above the age of 12.

But if your kids are already great at Frisbee throwing, then you can give them a chance.

The requirements for this sport include multiple Frisbees and two large cartons. You can also use litter cans.

Now that you have everything you need, start by placing the cartons/cans at about 20-feet apart. Pair the players such that each partner stands close to the now opposite cans/boxes.

Now, let the players take turns throwing the Frisbee into each other’s bins/ boxes.

The other partner can help the thrower to redirect the Frisbee such that it lands inside the bin. The scores are awarded in three ways;

  1. If a player manages to throw the Frisbee into the intended bin all by themselves, they are awarded 3 points.
  2. If with the help of their teammate a player gets the Frisbee into the litter box, they receive 2 points.
  3. And if the player only manages to hit the outside of the box, they get one point.

The team with most scored is declared the winner.

3. Frisbee Lawn Bowls

Unlike the Kanjam, the Frisbee Lawn Bowls is a simple game that can involve smaller kids.

Its main focus is on measuring the capability of kids to correctly throw a Frisbee.

And being an outdoor sport played on a flat surface makes it even better. Grassy grounds are the best for this sport.

Get the kids lined up and place cardboard or any kind of object at a distance of at least 30-feet from their position.

Now get a baseball or tennis ball and use it like a Frisbee. The kids should throw the ball towards the cardboard, using it as the ideal landing target.

The kid who manages to land their Frisbee on the cardboard (target) gets 1 point. And is declared the winner of round 1.

The game continues until the 1st player hits 5 points and is declared the winner.

Note; The fewer the number of kids participating, the shorter the playing session.

4. Frisbee Tennis

As its name suggests, the Frisbee Tennis sport is normally played on the tennis court.

In some instances where a tennis court isn’t available, players can use either the volleyball or basketball courts. You should also have a net.

The game requires two teams and each should consist of at least 3 people.

Begin by allocating the teams their various spots on either side of the net, such that they stand facing each other.

The teams will serve each other the Frisbee over the net, with the receiving team trying to catch it.

If the receiving players can’t grasp the Frisbee or won’t get it over the other side with at least, three throws, the servers acquire a point.

And if the serving team throws the Frisbee off-point, the receiving team gains a point.

The first team to achieve 10 or 15 points (depending on agreement) are declared the winners.

5. Frisbee Soccer

This game has to be played on a soccer field. Split the kids into two teams of about (6 to 10 each).

The teams play to get the designated game Frisbee into the various goals of their opponents to earn a point/score.

Like in a typical soccer game, Frisbee soccer allows the presence of goal-mouth protection goalies.

The team that manages to score the most number of scores is the winner.

6. Goaltimate

Goaltimate is similar to Frisbee soccer only that this time around, the game takes place on a half-court.

Also, instead of soccer’s goalmouth, there’s a semi-circular hoop that acts as the goal of a 45-yard circle field.

You can purchase the goal or improvise one using a PVC pipe.

The game requires 8 players (4 on each team). And it involves teammates passing the Frisbee between themselves to pass it through their opponents’ goal to score and gain a point.

More scores equals more points. The team with the most points emerges victorious.

7. Pool Jumping Frisbee

This is one of the best Frisbee game to let your kids try over summer.

It involves you throwing a Frisbee into the swimming pool and letting your kids jump in an attempt to catch it.

The kid who creates the most thrilling catch as they try to grab the Frisbee becomes the winner.

But for that, you also require someone to take the photos as you concentrate on throwing the Frisbee.

Use the kids’ pool under maximum supervision.

8. Stack Them up Frisbee Game

If yours are younger kids that haven’t mastered the art of Frisbee throwing, then this is a must-try. All you need are at least 10 Frisbees and a spacious outdoor area. Give each kid several Frisbees and then guide them into forming a circle.

Let place their Frisbees one on top of the other to form a tower. Kids score a point by successfully placing their Frisbee to the forming and growing tower.

Continue playing until the tower can’t hold any more Frisbees and collapses.

Repeat the process a few more times and then count the points of each participant.

The one with the most points is the winner. There’s no limit to the number of kids who can participate.

9. Frisbee Bowling

Instead of throwing the Frisbee, you can decide to throw them.

Set up 10 empty soda bottles or small plastic containers as bowling bins on a flat surface and let the kids try to knock them over using their Frisbees.

The kids should play in turns and each should be allocated two Frisbees to roll forward.

Each kid has only two chances to knock-down all the 10 bottles.

If one manages to knock them down in those two turns, they gain an extra point.

10. Hula Hoop Target Throws

This game is suitable for parents who are trying to get their kids to master the accuracy of Frisbee throwing.

Hang several pieces of Frisbee from the roof or tree branches and then let your kids try throwing their 5 Frisbees through the hula hoop as possible.

For each successful throw, award them a point.

Repeat as many rounds as possible and then count each kid’s points.

The winner is the one with the most points.

Conclusion: Do you have any favorite frisbee game?

Frisbee games make some of the best fun-filled games for kids.

From bowling, throwing to building towers, your kids can learn so much more from these games.

Just choose the appropriate ones according to age and start having fun today! Trust us, they are going to love you, even more for this!

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