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Best Gearbox Pickleball Paddles Reviews In 2021

A gearbox pickleball paddle is an excellent choice for any player looking for a high-quality bat for a practice session.

Gearbox Company is famous for the production of racquets games products.

In this review, we shall dig into everything about this brand and their different paddles to help you make the right choice.

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Background of Gearbox Pickleball

Gearbox is a Californian based company that came into existence in 2005.

The brainchild behind this leading brand is Rafael Filippini, who has been a professional racquetball player for over 25 years.

Over the years, he has created innovative racquetball products trusted by athletes globally. The products are useful in sports such as squash, pickleball, and paddleball.

They also produce branded bags, gloves, eyewear, balls, grips, and more.

Gearbox boasts of a highly trained and experienced team. These professionals craft the paddles layer to layer, starting at the core up to the face.

Initially, the company produced racquetball rackets; however, in 2015, it diversified its production to include products for most racquet games such as pickleball, squash, and paddleball.

The Gearbox paddles are not like ordinary paddles; however, they still maintain the traditional feel and are well balanced in terms of power and control.

First of all, the paddles are USAPA approved, meaning players can use them in tournaments or competitions.

Also, the paddles consist of carbon fiber technology that promotes superior performance. The effect is that the paddles are lighter, swifter, and quicker.

The Gearbox brand paddles have a unique design in that they feature a single-piece construction.

With the main component being durable polymer honeycomb core, you have an assurance of superior performance.

The benefit of a single-piece is that this not only increases the hit area but also eliminates vibrations due to solid-span technology.

Further, the paddles assume a teardrop shape that enhances the surface and makes the hit-are wider. They also feel softer but firmer and give the players an edge over the opponents.

The edgeless paddles are a relief to most players who often get frustrated due to mis-hits and lost points.

The company has upgraded its paddles to suit the needs of pickleball players. Some of their most recent products have enhancements in terms of texture for more spins.

In a nutshell, Gearbox Company uses its technology in making the paddles and therefore remains one of the best brands in the manufacture of racquets products.

Best Gearbox Pickleball Paddles 2021

1. Gearbox Eight Pro Carbon Fiber Teardrop Pickleball Paddle

The Gearbox Eight Pro is an excellent choice for pickleball players looking for superior ball spins, power, and control.

The outstanding performance is a result of the hyper-bite tech, which is the main technology behind the Gearbox paddles.

This edgeless paddle is durable and features an enhanced interior. Therefore this increases the playing area yet maintains durability.

Without a doubt, improved spot results in better pop.

The lightweight nature and firmness are due to a unique blend of carbon and glass fiber.

Even without a bumper guard, the quality of this paddle is top-notch.

This paddle strikes a good balance since it feels soft, and the sound a bit relaxed.

The Gearbox Eight Pro is a unique racket, and unlike other paddles, it doesn’t have a honeycomb core but is a single-piece construction.

Since it’s made from the solid-span tech, it delivers remarkable playability.

Quite often, you’ll find some paddles are build using glue. But this is not the case with the gearbox paddle.

Therefore, no need to worry about soft spots and fracturing of the layers.

  • Better spin and control
  • Enhanced sweet spot results to better pop
  • Edgeless yet durable
  • Lightweight and firm
  • Players with large hands find the grip smaller

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2. Gearbox GH7 4in Fiberglass Molded Handle Pickleball Paddle

Our next selection is the Gearbox GH7 Pickleball paddle. The Fiber-H7 technology gives the racket quickness, control, and superb maneuverability.

Besides, it features a soft feel and an elusive sound that gives you an upper edge on the court.

As opposed to other models, this has the traditional honeycomb and an edge guard. It gives you the classic feel yet with more excellent playability and durability.

The handle is made from durable material and is molded for a better grip.

With the face consisting of fiberglass, this enables you to have a controllable game.

You’ll love the extended head that lets you to reach the ball easily.

This bat has an overall measurement of 16×8 inches and a grip size of four inches. Further, it weighs only 8 ounces, which is perfect for beginners and intermediaries as well.

One more reason why we chose the GH7 is the affordable price.

We feel it’s suitable for a beginner starting to learn how to play pickleball.

  • Perfectly balanced in terms of power and control
  • Durable honeycomb core
  • Wider face and extended head for excellent playability
  • The molded handle offers perfect grip
  • Lightweight design
  • The handle is smaller for larger hands

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3. G2 Paddle

The G2 paddle is one of the best Gearbox rackets on the market.

This remarkable paddle gives you a traditional experience and superior balance.

Despite the high price, the G2 is a perfect buy for any player looking for a premium paddle.

You’ll be impressed by the power and control that enables you to stay ahead of your opponents.

Although it has a polymer honeycomb core, it’s a single-piece construction that increases the sweet spot for superior playability.

Thus, this ensures your shots are more accurate irrespective of how you hold the racket.

The combination of carbon and glass fiber for its face ensures some degree of lightness for some excellent pops.

These two main components are made to last since they consist of superior construction.

The G2 weighs only 7.8 ounces, and with such a lightweight, it’s ideal for players who’d like to be competitive, especially intermediaries.

Beginners, too, will have an easy time practicing with this paddle.

The grip size is larger than most gearbox paddles, and this is ideal for players with large hands.

  • Premium paddle with durable polymer honeycomb core
  • Single piece construction
  • Lightweight design
  • Excellent grip size
  • Enlarged sweet spot
  • Well balanced paddle for maximum playability
  • Expensive

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4. Gearbox 300g Paddleball Paddle

Like most Gearbox paddles, this model features a single-piece construction.

The main material for construction is high-quality carbon fiber on its hitting area for durability and performance.

We recommend the Gearbox 300g paddle since you’ll have a variety of options to make shots depending on your style.

With a teardrop shape, you’ll get more control, power, and challenging shots. Due to the uniqueness of design, you’ll be comfortable playing with it.

The paddle feels soft; however, it’s solid on your hand, and the sweet spot is greatly enhanced.

It’s also lightweight at 14 ounces, and this allows for a speedy swing and overall quickness.

Although the weight is more than most gearbox paddles, it’s still within the recommended range.

The paddle is entertaining for professional play and you’ll like the handle that offers an excellent grip and is crafted to suit various hand sizes.

  • Lightweight design allows for maneuverability
  • An enhanced sweet spot
  • Excellent handle grip
  • Durable paddle that will last long
  • Suitable for professional play
  • Costs more than most paddles

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5. Gearbox GB 275 Paddleball Paddle

The Gearbox GB 275 paddle is featherweight at 9.7 ounces and an overall dimension of 17×8 inches.

One notable thing about this paddle is that it’s a great performer, and you get more spins with just a simple touch.

Moreover, the sweet spot is huge, and therefore you get hold of it in various ways while still maintaining the same shots.

The material used in construction is 100% carbon fiber for maximum durability.

Additionally, it features an in a finely finished coating, which gives an impression of a high-end racket.

Because of the single-piece construction, the paddle has no chance of breaking off.

Making it to the list of lightest gearbox paddles, the GB 275 swings easily and swiftly, keeping you on top of the game.

The teardrop shape is synonymous with gearbox paddles, which increases the hitting area, thereby giving you more control and power.

The similarity also extends to the solid construction that eliminates the need for an edge guard.

We love the grip size of this paddle, thanks to the ergonomic handle. It feels soft to touch and is gentle to your hands.

  • Durable construction meant to last
  • Teardrop-shaped
  • Ergonomic handle that’s easier to grip
  • Lightweight design
  • A perfectly balanced paddle
  • Pricey paddle

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FAQs about Gearbox Pickleball paddles

Where Are Gearbox Pickleball Paddles Made?

Gearbox pickleball paddles are manufactured by a San Diego Company based in California USA.

The person behind these rackets is Mr. Rafael Filippini, who has been a successful racquetball player.

He’s also an expert in making paddles from composite components and holds a variety of patents.

Is It Worth It to Buy Gearbox Pickleball Racquets In 2021?

The Gearbox pickleball paddles have specifications that make them the best rackets for pickleball.

For starters, these are USAPA approved, meaning you can use them for tournaments or competitive leagues.

Secondly, most are edgeless, and this increases the hitting area and the sweet spot.

Additionally, they’re made of the carbon fiber, which makes them lighter, swifter, and increases their speed.

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