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Ultimate Frisbee Gear List: Checklist For Beginners

Having the correct ultimate Frisbee gear is one sure way of your child being ready for some fun. Be it with friends or local competition.

But are they well equipped?

Sometimes you might think you have purchased enough accessories, while there are actually some vital ones missing.

Remember, the type of equipment they have during an ultimate Frisbee match can greatly impact their performance.

So if you’re aren’t sure of what to include in their shopping list, here is a list of essential gear, nice Frisbee accessories to have and training gear you should consider purchasing;

Ultimate Frisbee Gear List (Must Have)

1. Frisbee Disc

Your child can’t play without a Frisbee disc.

And not just any disc. But a quality one.


Because they need a good reliable disc that can effectively maintain balance while on air.

The disc should also be comfortable to hold and light enough to throw with ease.

Source out for a disc that will offer durability and not break/ crack after a few throws.

And if they love practicing at night, you can include a disc that provides extra light under poor lightings, such as one with LED lighting.

2. Ultimate Frisbee Cleats

The type of Frisbee cleats your child requires will largely depend on the surface on which they will be playing.

But since you can’t foretell them all, it’s better to buy one that can accommodate many surfaces.

Remember, they will be involved in a lot of running, jumping, etc.  So they need appropriate cleats.

Most of the time and because of the similarity of the ultimate Frisbee games with soccer/football, most players use soccer cleats.

So you might as well get the same for your kid.

However, even as you purchase, pay special attention to the stud quality and the material formation.

A great balance of support and balance, lightweight and longevity, makes an ideal pick.

3. Friction Gloves

As you shop for the essential Frisbee equipment, you shouldn’t miss out on the friction gloves.

They will help your child maintain a good hold of the disc under any weather condition.

The last /thing you want is for them to miss out on points simply because they failed to catch the Frisbee or dropped it.

The good news about this is that most of these gloves are designed to suit both wet and cold conditions. So if their hands are normally sweaty, you now know what they require.

As you choose friction gloves, go for ones which provide flexibility, can be worn with ease, have awesome insulation and are breathable.

Also, they shouldn’t interfere with normal finger movements.

Here are some links to the best friction gloves up grabs on Amazon;

4. Bags and Backpacks

Your child will require something to help carry their playing gear whenever they are going out.

And for them, a bag/ backpack makes the perfect choice as they can carry and move with ease.

Get them a spacious bag that can accommodate everything they need as a crammed one can destroy their valuables.

What you get for them is a matter of preference. But whichever bag you decide on, choose the best quality as they will serve them for long.

You can get some of these best quality Frisbee bags in amazon;

Ultimate Frisbee Accessories (Nice Things to Have)

If after purchasing the essential equipment you still have some cash to spare, then you can prioritize spending on these items;

5. Athletic Socks

It would be cool for your child to have some socks to pair with their quality cleats.

And what better choice can you make other than athletic socks?

Go for durable, which are made out of cotton so that they can soak moisture.

They should also be very comfortable.

We checked out some of the best pairs and Amazon got them in plenty

6. Ultimate Frisbee Shorts

Your kid needs to wear the right shorts whenever they head out to play ultimate Frisbee.

The shorts should be a perfect fit so that they can move with ease and allow ventilation. The interiors shouldn’t chafe the skin.

Also, the material should be strong to withstand constant friction as they move, the touch of rough surfaces, regular washing and drying, etc.

So it’s advisable if you for cotton or polyester made shorts.

They should also be lightweight.

The shorts below; from amazon, can make great picks

7. Jerseys and Tank Tops

Your child will need a good jersey/top tank to make them feel good and comfortable as they play.

They shouldn’t struggle to wear and remove them before and after the game, even when wet with sweat or rain.

Also, the material should have a smooth finishing on the interiors to avoid chafing the skin.

It shouldn’t be too tight or loose, just comfortable enough to allow them to play with ease.

And on top of that, ensure the fabric is strong enough to withstand strong winds, strong movements, and frequent washing.

The material should also be breathable to offer good air circulation even as they play under the scorching sun.

Amazon has some of the best jerseys and top tanks out there;

8. Head gear/hats

A cap can protect your child from the direct rays of sunshine as they are moving around.

Besides, they are trendy and provide comfort that will make them feel good and cool around their peers.

A good hat should light and provides ventilation.

The interior material should also be good enough to absorb sweat.

Want to check out some awesome options? Check these below;

9. Slides

After a tough game/ practice, your child’s feet would probably be burning and in search of some cooling spot.

Since might not receive the much-deserved foot massage right away, they can at least get a feel of the fresh air.

The best way to ensure that is by investing in some quality slides.

One that can easily adjust to the shape of their foot, offer comfort and with a class look makes the perfect pick.

Here are some good pairs  you can select from Amazon;

10. Shades

Since most of the games will take place outside, they will also need some shades.

A good pair of shades will provide adequate protection against the sunrays and shouldn’t have any leaks.

They should also be comfortable, shatterproof, lightweight and offer impact-protection.

In other words, go for shades made with a sportsperson in mind.

Ultimate Frisbee Training Gear

Now that you already have a list of the essential equipment and the nice things you can buy for your kid.

Let’s look at other training gear t to make training easy;

11. Ultimate Disc Toss Target

Practice always makes perfect.

So encourage your kid to keep tossing even when away from the pitch by getting them a toss target.

You can even use it to have fun at your backyard and they can use it with their peers during those much-awaited ultimate team evening sessions.

An ideal toss should not only be portable but simple to assemble.

Investing in this little helper will be of great help to them and their team.

Sample some nice pieces here;

12. Folding Tripod Chair

Here is another great addition to the sidelines, which will make your kid love practicing and look forward to more fun during sessions.

The tripod chair should be foldable for easy storage and movement.

This will also make it easy to set-up for their coach at whichever playing area they prefer.

It can also be used by their teammates as they wait for their turn.

Check out the following sets;

13. Coaching Board

As your kid and their team prepare for the ultimate Frisbee match, they need to practice more.

And sometimes you will need to hire a private coach to help them with their training especially if they are lagging.

Some coaches might miss a few tools, thus it would come handy if you can provide some items such as the coaching board.

Besides, you can use that as your bargaining power and get to pay fewer fees.

The best thing about such boards is that they’re normally wet/dry erase, thus making brainstorming much easier.

Amazon has some good pieces. Check out below;

14. The Ultimate Fitness Athlete Books/Programs

Information is power and with the presence of the internet, there are various online programs you can enroll your kid in.

Books are also great.

Most programs run for a few weeks, so ensure they will be having some free time before you engage.

For better results, source out for programs that focus on strength, training, power development, agility, etc.

Not forgetting the availability of videos and tutorials to help them discover their strength and maximize them.

Here is a good book that we strongly recommend for all athletes and not just Ultimate players.

15. A Bucket

Not any bucket but a customized one to help them take their game anywhere they want.

A good one should be lightweight and have adjustable straps or large handles for easy movements.

Also, ensure it is durable and safe to carry around.

It should be big enough to accommodate almost everything. From their disc, cleats, etc.

The good thing is that they can empty it and use it as part of the game set-up!

Best of all, they get a seat!

Check some of them here;

No products found.


Selecting the correct training gear for your kid can be challenging.

This is because the current market is filled with various gears and attire that would end up confusing you, especially if you haven’t shopped before.

That’s why we came up with the above list to help beginner parents.

The list includes the most essential equipment, the nice things you can purchase and some extra items they will need to boost their training.

We hope you find them helpful.

And if you do, feel free to share it with others!

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