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Best Fantasy Football Trophies To Buy In 2021

Being in a fantasy football league is quite exhilarating.

After all, what could possibly be more exciting than being a team owner and beating your competitors to see your team win the league?

However, simply winning isn’t always enough.

If you’ve wanted to up the ante of your fantasy football league, then perhaps you should consider awarding the winning team with a cash prize or a fantasy football trophy.

Yes, you read that right. Fantasy football trophies do exist, and they are the perfect way to keep count of your league victories.

Best Fantasy Football Trophies In 2021

1. Crystal Perpetual Fantasy Football Trophy

This heavy-duty fantasy football trophy weighs 2.4 lbs. and stands 10” tall.

The trophy is perfect for showing off not just at home but at the office as well.

Its classic design means that you can proudly display the trophy on your work desk at the office.

This perpetual fantasy football trophy can be engraved on all four sides.

Meaning you can engrave up to four winners.

The K9 crystal used to make this trophy is very high quality.

There are no seams on the trophy, and there aren’t any bubbles either.

  • Solid crystal construction
  • High-quality trophy at a reasonable price
  • Durable
  • You would need to find an engraver that can work with K9 crystal.

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2. Decade Awards Football Runner Trophy

The figure of a running back on this trophy makes it an ideal award for the player that puts a lot of effort in rushing yards.

The polyresin trophy stands at 9.5” tall and weighs 2.7 lbs.

With every purchase of this trophy, you get a 4” x 1.25” gold finish engraving plate where you can have up to three lines of engraving to personalize the trophy.

The manufacturer does the engraving at no extra cost.

This trophy would be perfect for the sub-categories in your league, such as the scoring leader, for instance.

  • Durable
  • Comes with a personalized engraved plate
  • Conveniently small size
  • Not as prestigious as many other trophies

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3. Decade Awards Football Helmet Resin Trophy

A creative trophy in unique design will instantly capture anyone’s attention, creating a sense of drama and fun in the process.

This Decade Awards Football Helmet Trophy is one such trophy that you’d definitely want to display at home or the workplace proudly.

This helmet trophy would make things more interesting in your fantasy league.

The unique helmet design with a beautiful polished shine will have anyone excited to earn the trophy.

The cast resin trophy weighs 1.6 lbs. and stands 7.5” tall.

It comes with a gold finish engraving plate that can be personalized as per your preferences.

  • Unique helmet design
  • Comes with a personalized engraved plate
  • Has a beautiful polished shine
  • The trophy is quite small

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4. Decade Awards Fantasy Football Silver Tower Trophy

This majestic super bowl trophy replica is 14” tall and weighs a hefty 6 lbs.

If you wish that the trophy was a little bit taller, then you’ll be glad to know that you can make it so.

The trophy comes with a threaded ferrule at the base, and this can be used to attach the award to another base in order to make it taller or to turn it into a perpetual trophy.

This silver tower trophy is durably made from cast resin.

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Additionally, you have the option of customizing the main plate on the trophy with any wordings of your choosing.

  • Looks prestigious
  • Has a nice weight to it
  • Comes with a customizable faceplate
  • Might be too small for big leagues

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5. TrophySmack Customizable 26”-56” Fantasy Football Trophy

Now, if you belong to a big fantasy league, then this is just the bad-ass trophy you need.

You can choose amongst height options of 26”, 36” or 56” depending on how grand you want the trophy to be and how much it should stand out.

While the 26” trophy weighs 14 lbs., the 56” trophy weighs 26 lbs. So, be warned that this trophy isn’t for the faint-hearted.

The solid base wood can hold up to 19 engraved plates meaning you can use this trophy for up to 19 years.

Better yet, the topper and plaque on the trophy can be changed, in case you would want to keep things fresh and exciting every year.

  • Topper and plaque can be changed
  • Can fit up to 19 years of perpetual champions
  • Solid, high-quality construction
  • You need a lot of space for displaying the trophy

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6. Decade Awards Chili Cook-Off Monster Shield Trophy

When you win at anything, that is always the perfect shirt shredding moment.

What better way is there to convey that message than with this beast trophy?

This would be the perform award for someone who played exceptionally well in your fantasy football league.

The bronze-colored trophy is made from durable resin that’s been used to make the base as well. The trophy is 6.75” tall.

A free engraving plate is included, but it does not come engraved.

You’d have to get that done elsewhere.

This trophy would be perfect for acknowledging minor achievements such as best rushing yards or best defense.

  • Beastly attention-grabbing design
  • Durable resin construction
  • Very affordable
  • Not prestigious enough to be a champion trophy

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7. TrophySmack Customizable 15” Fantasy Football Trophy

This is yet another durable and stylish trophy befitting the champions of your fantasy football league.

This perpetual trophy can hold up to 16 engraved plates meaning your league will use it for years to come.

It stands 15” tall and weighs approximately 8 lbs.

The solid wooden base of this trophy is of outstanding quality, and so is the resin football topper as well.

This looks like something which would be given out in the real NFL championships.

  • Attractive, high-quality trophy
  • Durable solid construction
  • Usable for up to 16 years
  • Might be too expensive for smaller leagues

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8. Decade Awards Fantasy Football Armchair Champion Trophy

Smaller leagues don’t have to feel left out.

If you’re looking for smaller and more affordable yet still as impressive as the bigger trophies, then this will do the trick.

This armchair fantasy football trophy has a copper-colored quarterback relaxing on a poly resin armchair as if he’s taking in his team’s victory.

The figurine then sits atop a black base capable of accommodating four winners’ engraved plates.

This trophy is 6.5” tall, making it the perfect size if you want something portable and easy to move around with.

  • Unique design
  • The engrave plates come with an adhesive backing for attaching to the trophy base
  • Small and portable
  • Not prestigious enough for bigger leagues

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9. Decade Awards Football Bobblehead Trophy

This is yet another unique trophy for the leagues that want something unusual and exciting, which doesn’t necessarily break the bank.

You may choose to give this out as a single-use trophy for the league champion or as a secondary trophy for smaller accomplishments such as when crowning the MVP of the season.

Constructed from resin plastic, this trophy is quite durable yet at an affordable price.

The resin has been given a silver finish, which enhances the glamour of the trophy, in addition to its edgy design.

This bobblehead trophy is 5.5” tall.

  • Comes with a personalized gold finish engraving plate
  • Has an attractive antique silver finish
  • Has a nice heft to it
  • Cannot hold many name plates

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10. Decade Awards Fantasy Football Champion Silver Tower Trophy

This fantasy football trophy is in the style of the trophy that gets awarded to the Super Bowl champions.

Made from polyresin, this trophy stands 12” tall and has a good amount of heft, which shows that it is a high-quality product.

This trophy comes with a threaded insert at the base, and this allows you to attach the trophy to a base.

You can do so to make the trophy taller, therefore, making it look more legit, or you can do so to convert it to a perpetual trophy.

  • Solid, durable resin construction
  • Comes with a personalized engraved plate
  • Can be mounted on a wooden base
  • Not a perpetual trophy unless you attach it to a wooden base

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11. Decade Awards Fantasy Football Silver Goal Post Trophy

This is probably one of the top trophies when it comes to the uniqueness of its design.

The trophy comprises a fantasy team owner who’s working on his laptop while wearing a helmet and seated at the base of the goal post.

Measuring 7” tall, this resin fantasy football trophy is a perfect award for the minor categories within your league.

Nonetheless, the trophy is very affordably priced, so there wouldn’t be any harm in getting several and giving them out as single-use trophies.

After all, everyone enjoys a little motivation, don’t you agree?

Made from solid resin, the silver finish with gold accents on this trophy is impeccably done, which makes the trophy look much classier than it actually is.

  • Solid resin construction
  • Durable, high-quality trophy
  • Affordably priced
  • Not prestigious enough to be a champion trophy

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12. Decade Awards Fantasy Football Toilet Bowl Trophy

This list wouldn’t be complete is we didn’t mention a loser trophy now would it?

This humorous last place fantasy league trophy award has a gold finish and would be ideal for whoever’s holding the last place in your fantasy football league.

The toilet bowl comes with an epoxy domed FFL logo attached, and you can even get a free personalized engraved plate to go with it.

The trophy is 5” tall, which makes it a fun little trophy for the last place.

  • High-quality, durable trophy
  • FFL logo is easily removable
  • Very well priced
  • The trophy is a bit too small

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What To Look for in a Fantasy Football Trophy

Types of Fantasy Football Trophies

Champion Trophy

This trophy is reserved for the winner of the league, which makes it the league’s crown jewel.

It is a very prestigious trophy seeing as it is reserved for the overall champion, and this prestige should be reflected in the very design of the trophy, its size, and its cost as well.

Some leagues may opt for a single-use champion trophy whereby there’s a new trophy every year, and the winner gets to keep the trophy forever.

A single-use trophy may or may not bear personalized engraving.

One the other hand, other leagues may opt for a life-long trophy whereby there’s only one trophy that’s passed down from last season’s winner to the next season’s winner.

Such fantasy football trophies come on a perpetual base.

Perpetual trophies are typically more expensive than single-use trophies. Additionally, they are larger to allow more space to engrave on the trophy.

This trophy is passed around from one winner to the next, year after year, just like in the real championships.

Once there’s no more room for engraving on the trophy, the current winner gets to keep the trophy.

Major Trophies

Similar to the champion trophy, the major trophies are also given out annually.

These are often used in the more serious leagues where the fantasy owners feel the need to reward specific categories such as best defense, best passing attacks, the comeback of the year, etc.

It all depends on what the league agrees to and how serious they are on the game. There are no limits to how many major trophies you can give out at the end of the season.

Major trophies aren’t as large as the champion trophies, and they are considerably cheaper as well.

Weekly Trophies

In the NFL, there are weekly awards given to players depending on their performance that week. Similarly, you can choose to have weekly trophies within your fantasy league.

Having weekly trophies will not only help to keep things interesting within the fantasy league, but this can also boost the owners’ and players’ morale during the week.

Categories for weekly trophies may include the game of the week, skunk of the week, best weekly performance, etc.

Loser Trophy

If you’re awarding the winner, then why not recognize the loser as well?

Loser trophies are intended to make fun of the losing team, but they can also be used to encourage the loser to work harder so as not to earn the trophy for a second year.

There are a ton of loser trophies for fantasy football leagues, but toilet-themed trophies are the most popular ones.


Super Bowl Trophy

Anyone who watches the Super Bowl is familiar with the iconic Vince Lombardi Trophy.

If you want to make your fantasy league as realistic as possible, then you can get an exact replica of this well-known trophy design.

This trophy comes in different sizes, but generally, the larger it is, the grander and more expensive it will be. Super Bowl trophies are perfect for crowning the league champion.

Figurine Trophy

A figurine trophy could have the figure of a player seated in an armchair or running with the ball.

Such trophies are very versatile and, depending on the design, could be used for a number of awards.

For instance, a figurine fantasy football trophy could be awarded to the weekly top players or the homer of the year.

Beast Trophy

The best trophy has a hulky victor standing tall and triumphant.

There is no better way to recognize the league’s MVP of the best defense player other than with a beast trophy.

Cup-Style trophy

Cup trophies look grand and elegant, which makes them an excellent option for the champion trophy.

You may get a gold-toned cup, a silver one, or a crystal trophy cup.


A fantasy football trophy should last through several seasons. For this reason, durability is a huge consideration when it comes to choosing the material a trophy is made out of.

Many fantasy football trophies today are made from synthetic resin. Its popularity is attributed to the fact that resin is much cheaper than metal yet still exceptionally durable at the same time.

The resin could then be colored to resemble gold, silver, or brass. This way, you get a resin trophy that looks like metal but at nearly half the cost.

Metal trophies are quite expensive, ad heavier than resin trophies. Not to mention that they can scratch easily, so a lot of care is required when handling them.

The base of the trophy is often made of wood that’s been given a piano finish or marble.


It is always a great idea to go for a trophy that can be engraved for personalization. Engraving is often done on a metal plate that’s then attached to the sides of the trophy.

Laser engraving is quite costly and, therefore, commonly used on prestigious trophies. This kind of engraving can be used on metal, wood, acrylics, etc.

Sandblasting is a kind of engraving used on glass surfaces. This engraving gives a very artistic look to trophies and awards, hence its popularity.

Besides glass and crystal, sandblasting can also be used on some metals and some plastics as well.

When using metal plates on a perpetual trophy, the size of the trophy will be an indication of how many plates it can hold, and therefore, how many years you can use the same trophy.

For instance, if a trophy can hold up to 18 plates, then that means that you can potentially use the perpetual trophy for up to 18 years before needing to buy a new one.

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